Cleaning Up Unassigned Site Members

Unassigned site members refer to the devices which are not assigned to any sites in your domain. If a device cannot meet any criteria of a site definition or isn't manually added to a site, it will be treated as an unassigned site member. The existence of unassigned site members would prevent the system from generating complete site maps.

1.In the Domain Management page, click Site on the Start Page or select Operations > Site Manager from the quick access toolbar.

2.In the Site Manager, click My Network in the site tree and then locate Site Definition on the target leaf site.

3.Move the unassigned devices to the target leaf sites by using either of the following ways.

Dynamic Search — improve the existing Dynamic Search, such as criteria search and boolean expression. Click Search.

Manually Add — click Add Devices Manually. Under the Site option, click Unassigned and then select target devices.

4.Repeat step 1 ~ 3 to add more site members until unassigned site members are all cleaned.

Tip: If there are device types that are expected to be neither involved in any site build nor assigned to other sites, click Settings in the bottom of the Site Manager pane to select the target device types.

5.In the Site Manager, click Rebuild All Sites to rebuild the site topology. The Site Member pane opens automatically and lists the devices in the current site.

6.Click Commit.