Site is a geographical grouping of network devices, which can be used as device scopes, asset filters, and map/topology views. For example, you can divide your network into a hierarchy of sites based on country, state, city, region, and office location.

There are two types of sites in the system:

Container Site () — a parent site that contains leaf sites and other container sites. No devices are directly nested under a container site.

Leaf Site () — a child site that contains devices. The devices can be added manually or searched dynamically.

Browsing Site Details

1.Click Site on the taskbar.

2.In the Site pane, right-click the target site and then select View Detail from the drop-down menu.
The detailed information is displayed, such as device count, and site map preview.


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Site Manager is used to manage and maintain the sites in your domain. You can use either of the following ways to create or maintain a site hierarchy:

Create a Site Hierarchy by Importing a Spreadsheet

Manually create sites:

oCreate a Container Site

oCreate a Leaf Site


Note: By default, only domain admin, power users, or users with the Site Management privilege have access to the Site Manager. In a domain, only one user can open the Site Manager at one time.


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