Organizing Paths Based on Applications

In the Path Browser, you can manage your paths based on applications.

1.Create an application for the saved paths.

1)In the Application Manager, click New Application at the upper-right corner.

2)Give a meaningful name to the application, such as Email Service.

3)(Optional) Add a description for the application.

4)Click OK.

2.Assign paths to an application.

If you want to move a path to an application, right-click the path, select Move to and then select the application that you want to move this path to.

If you want to create a path and then assign the path to an application, you can select an application for this path when you create it.

Tip: If you have subscribed to the Application Manager feature, you can also manage traffic paths based on applications with this feature and periodically monitor the application paths to detect possible network changes and ensure application consistency. See Organizing and Verifying Paths in Application Manager for details.