You can customize the layout and data display of a dashboard as follows:

Repositioning Widgets

Resizing Widgets

Grouping Widgets

Configuring Qapp Settings

Modifying Device Scope

Other Settings

Repositioning Widgets

Just grab a widget with your mouse and move it around. Other widgets should adopt and re-position intelligently to make a place for the widget you are moving. The positions are automatically saved when dropping a widget.

Resizing Widgets

When pointing to a widget, you will see that a gray arrow appears in its lower-right corner. Use that icon to re-size widgets, and their contents will adapt to the new size automatically.

Grouping Widgets

To enable multiple widgets to share the same target devices, you can group widgets by linking them together.

1.Click the icon at the upper-right corner of a widget, and select Link Widget Together from the drop-down menu.

2.In the editing mode of Group A, click the on the other widgets that you want to link together.

3.Click Yes to save changes and exit the edit mode of Group A.

Configuring Qapp Settings for Dashboard

Each dashboard can contain more than one Qapp, and each Qapp can be associated with multiple widgets in a dashboard.

To configure the settings for all Qapps associated with a dashboard:

1.Click the icon on the upper-right corner of the dashboard, and select Qapp Settings from the drop-down menu.

2.Configure the data source and execution frequency for the Qapps.

3.To edit the threshold of the parameters in the Qapp, click the icon.

Modifying Device Scope

Device scope contains all target devices involved in the current dashboard. All widgets in the dashboard share the same device scope.

Map widget can have its own device scope, which may differ with the device scope of the dashboard. You can merge the device scope of Map widget into the device scope of the dashboard.

Other Settings

The following table lists the icons and options available in the dashboard and each widget.

Menu / Icon


Icons and menus for Dashboard

Maximize the dashboard.

Only available if the dashboard contains monitor widgets.

Run the dashboard.

Only available if the dashboard contains monitor widgets.

Stop the dashboard.

Display the elapsed time that the dashboard runs.

Select your interested devices as the device scope for a dashboard.
If you create a dashboard from a map, all the devices on the map are added to the list.

Share the dashboard with other users. See Sharing a Dashboard for more details.

     Qapp Settings

See Qapp Settings for more details.
Note: If the dashboard is running. You must stop the dashboard first so as to modify its Qapp settings.

     Switch Template

Use another dashboard template. All widgets in the current dashboard will be cleared.


Refresh all widgets in a dashboard.

     Editing Rights

See Editing Rights for more details.

     Export to Word

See Exporting a Word Document from Dashboard for more details.

Icons and menus for Widgets

New Note

Annotate a widget to record important information.

Tip: Each widget can have multiple notes and each note can be edited by other users in the domain.

Note: The following menus and options may differ depending on widget types.

Click this icon to unfreeze a monitor widget. As a result, the data in the widget continues to refresh according to the Qapp execution frequency.

Duplicate Widget

Make a copy of an existing widget in a dashboard. The duplication is displayed exactly under the original widget in the same size.

You can change the target device in the duplication so as to compare it with the original widget to find the differences between devices or data tables.

Note: The notes in the original widget will not be copied to its duplication.  

Edit Widget Info

Edit the title and description of the widget.

Link Widget Together

See Grouping Widgets for more details.

Unlink This Widget

Remove the widget from a group.


Refresh the data in a widget.

Retrieve Live Data
Only available in static widgets.

Retrieve data in static widgets from your live network.

Bind Qapp
Only available in map widgets.

Select a Qapp file and bind it with a map widget.

Switch Parser
Only available in Configlet by Config Parser widgets.

Select another parser for the widget.

Only available in device property widgets.

Customize the device properties to display in the widget.

Save as Widget
Only available in monitor widgets.

Save a monitor widget in the Widget Library as a new one.


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