Every dashboard has a unique URL in the system. With the URL, you can share a dashboard with more users in the same domain, or even external users who do not have system accounts. They will receive both system notifications and email notifications.

1.On the dashboard, click the icon from the dashboard toolbar. The Share Dashboard dialog prompts.

Tip: Click Copy Dashboard Link to Clipboard, and paste the link in any communication tools to share the dashboard with other users directly.

2.Specify the users to share the dashboard with.

1)Enter a username and then select the matched user account from the populated drop-down list, or directly enter an email address.

Note: To complete an email address, you can enter a comma, semicolon, or press the Enter key, Tab key, or Space key.

Note: User in the To field will receive both a system notification and an email; users in the CC field will only receive an email. Make sure the Email Server Settings are configured correctly.

2)Add a message if required.

3.Click Share.

Tip: You can also share one or more dashboards at one time from the Files pane.