Defining Ansible Node in Runbook

Ansible Task is a new node offered in a Runbook where you can define target hosts, host groups, playbook, inventory, and other relevant Ansible properties.

Note: Ansible node is only visible when initiating Runbook from the Network Change pane.

Complete the following steps to define an Ansible task and execute the Ansible node in a runbook.

1.Click the  icon on the taskbar and select New Runbook.

2.Click Select Action or the  icon in the Runbook pane.

3.Select Ansible Task under the Network Change tab. Click Add.

Note:You can also add the Ansible Task node in a normal runbook without Change Management license. But run and dry-run the Ansible Task node need the Run Ansible Task user role privilege.

4.In the Ansible Task node, define the following properties.

1)Click Legacy Device to select either traditional device (default) or SDN device according to your network type.

2)Click Manually Defined to select either Manually Defined (default) or SCM Manager to specify the preferred method to create a playbook.

Note: SCM indicates synchronizing Playbook by SCM. See Sync Up Playbook from SCM for more information.

3)Define the Playbook.

4)Define the Inventory.

5)(Optional) Define the extra value required for playbook execution in the bottom text field.

5.Execute Ansible Node in the Runbook.

Note: Modifying device type or playbook creation method will clear the previously defined playbook, inventory, and extra variable configurations.