Recommended automations are a group of tasks elaborately designed to analyze and troubleshoot a certain network issue, building a bridge to connect dynamic maps with network automation for diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Action Level and Device Scope

The system provides two levels of recommended automations in DVT definition:

Template level perform actions targeting all devices on a map. Recommended automations at the template level are displayed unconditionally.

Device level perform actions targeting specific devices/interfaces only, and its display is controlled via conditions.

The following table shows whether action input and device scope can be customized at each level of recommended automations.

Recommended Automation Level

Support Customized Action Input?

Support Customized Device Scope?

Template Level


Device Level

Tip: Action input for most recommended automations can be customized. See Syntax for Defining Action Input for more details.

Tip: To customize device scope for recommended automations at the device level, see Syntax for Defining Target Devices for more details.

Available Recommended Automations at Both Levels

The following table introduces the recommended automations that can be defined at the template level and device level.

Recommended Automation

Template Level

Available at Device Level

Data View Template



Network Intent

Overall Health Monitor

Execute CLI commands

View Device Data
(including Configuration File, Route Table, MAC Table, ARP Table, STP Table, NDP Table and NCT Table)






Calculate Path






Runbook Template

Verify Application