Comparing Network Data Changes

The Comparison feature is mainly used to compare network data at two time periods to check whether a network has any changes. It can automatically visualize and highlight detailed differences between two sets of network data. With this feature, you can quickly find out the network changes to address the root cause of a network problem.

Network data that can be compared includes:

Configuration file and parser variables

CLI command output and parser variables

Data tables (route table, ARP table, NDP table, NCT table, MAC table, and so on)

Comparison Method

The system provides the following two comparison methods:

Compare Data of the Same Device at Two Time Points compare the differences on devices between two time points or periods. For example, compare the route table and configuration file of a device between the baseline and a real-time one.

Compare Data between Two Devices at One Time Point compare the differences between two neighbor devices or two same functional devices at the same baseline or time period. For example, compare the network type between two OSPF neighbor devices when they are in the initial state.


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