Browsing Runbook Templates

The Runbook Template pane is used to save and manage all runbook templates. A runbook template contains a group of configured sequential action nodes, which is collaboratively designed by a senior network engineer to share best practices and knowledge on how to troubleshoot a particular kind of network issue.

Finding Your Interested Runbook Template

1.Click Runbook Template in the taskbar, or click the start menu to select Runbook Template. By default, there are the following three categories of runbook templates:

Built-in Runbook Templates — contains the pre-installed runbook template files. This category is accessible to all users but can only be modified by system and tenant administrators.

Shared Runbook Templates — contains runbook template files that are accessible to all users in this domain.

My Runbook Templates — contains runbook template files that are only accessible to yourself in this domain.

2.Search for your interested runbook template, and narrow down the search results with filters.

Search keywords:

oRunbook template name

Filters (defined in the Start node of a runbook template):

oDevice type



Tip: To filter runbook templates which are applicable to the exiting device types on your current map, click the Show Templates for Current Map only check box.