Activating Subscription License

1.Log in to the System Management page.

2.In the System Management page, click Activate under the License tab. The activation wizard prompts.

3.Activate your subscription license:

1)Select Activate Subscription License and click Next.

2)Enter the license ID and activation key that you received from NetBrain, with your first name, last name, and email address.

3)Select the activation method based on your situation.

Online (recommended)click Activate to connect to NetBrain License Server and validate your license information immediately.

Note: If your NetBrain Web/Web API Server is not allowed to access the Internet, you can configure a proxy server. Click the icon at the upper-right corner, select the Use a proxy server to access the internet check box and enter the required information.

Via Emailvalidate your license information by sending an email to NetBrain.

Note: Only use this activation method when your NetBrain Web/Web API Server is not allowed to access the Internet.

a)Follow the instructions to generate your license file. Attach the file to your email and send it to NetBrain Support Team. After receiving your email, the NetBrain team will fill in the license information on NetBrain License Server and generate the corresponding activation file, and then send it back to you.

b)Click Browse to select the activation file that you received from the NetBrain team, and then click Activate.

4)A message box will prompt you the subscription license has been activated successfully. Click OK.

4.A confirmation dialog box prompts to ask you whether to generate an initial tenant. Click Yes and the initial tenant will be created automatically with all purchased nodes assigned.

Note: If you want to create a tenant later, click No. See Creating a Tenant for more details.

5.Check the tenant and domain nodes. If there is more than one domain, you need to allocate the domain.

6.To browse the license information, navigate to License > Current License Term. See License Information for more details.


License Information

The following table includes the information about your activated license.



License ID
(Foundation License only)

The unique identifier for the license that you have activated.

License Type
(Foundation License only)

The type of the license that you have activated.


The validity period of your license.


The usage status of your current license.

Maximum Nodes Count
(Foundation/WAP/CM/AAM/IBA License )

The maximum device nodes that you can discover and manage in the system.

Maximum CPU Processors Count
(vCenter/NSX-v License)

The maximum number of physical CPUs of of the ESXi host or the ESXi host running NSX-V.

Maximum Ports Count
(ACI License only)

The maximum number of Cisco ACI downstream ports on Leaf and FEX.

Maximum VPCs Count
(Amazon AWS License only)

The maximum number of VPCs managed by the account.

Maximum vNets Count
(Microsoft Azure License only)

The maximum number of vNets managed by the account.

Concurrent Seat Count
(Foundation License only)

The maximum user accounts that can log in to the system concurrently.

Note: The Next License Term tab will only become available if you’ve purchased a license of which start date is in the future.


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