In the system, topology is simplified to reflect the connections between two interfaces. You can browse the thumbnails of available topology types from the Device Details pane.

Tip: Multiple topology types can be drawn on the same map page concurrently by extending neighbors.

Mapping Device Topology

1.In the Device Details pane, click the Topology tab. By default, the thumbnail of the IPv4 Layer 3 topology map is displayed.

2.Click the tabs of other topology types to preview its thumbnail if any.

Tip: Only the built topology types of the device are listed. The IPv4 Layer 3 topology is built automatically during a scheduled discovery task. Both the Layer 2 topology and IPv6 Layer 3 topology can be built through a benchmark task. See Benchmark Task Settings for more details.

3.Click the icon at the upper-right corner of the tab to diagram it on a new map page, or click the icon to diagram it on the current map page.


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