When you encounter any problem on your map (such as a failure in path calculating), you can export the map file and then send it to NetBrain Support Team for troubleshooting. On the other hand, you can collaborate with others to deal with network issues through a map which contains required network data.

To do so, click Map > Export > Xmap from the map toolbar. The default location for exported maps is C:\Users\<your username>\Downloads.

Tip: You can also export maps from Files.


The following data can be exported:

Network objects on the map

Configuration files, data tables and CLI command outputs of the devices on the map, which are saved in the Current Baseline.

Device and interface properties (including customized properties)

Path data including the Source and destination IP addresses, path settings (including protocol and data source), logs (including execution log, device log, traffic status), notes, and data source

Definition information about the MPLS cloud on the map


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