Creating a Network Change Task

This section introduces how to create a network change task as well as the nodes and their functions involved in the network change task.

Tip: Before creating a network change task, ensure that you have sufficient privilege. See Access Controls for more details.

1.Click Network Change on the taskbar.

2.In the Network Change pane, click New Network Change.

Tip: The Network Change pane displays all network change tasks created in a domain.

3.In the New Network Change dialog, enter the task name, select a template and click OK. The Runbook pane opens. Then you can define the network change task node by node in the runbook.

Note: You can keep the Auto Create an Incident check box selected to associated with an incident for cross-team collaboration. See Using Incident for more details.

Defining the Change node

Defining the Benchmark Before node

Defining the Execute Node

Defining the Approval Node

Defining the Benchmark After node

Defining the Compare node

Adding and Defining a Change Note Node

4.Click the icon to save the map. The network change task is saved in the map.