Creating a Dashboard from Scratch

1.Click the icon on the taskbar and select New Dashboard. You can select a dashboard template, or generate an empty dashboard page.

Tip: You can also quickly create a new dashboard file on your Desktop.

2.Set the device scope. Click the hyperlink on the icon at the upper-right corner to select your interested devices and click OK.

Tip: By default, static widgets present the data of target device from the current baseline immediately. For monitor widgets, you need to click Run manually. To browse the data of more devices, click the icon in any one of the widgets and select the target device from the drop-down list. The other widgets will synchronize immediately.

3.Adjust your dashboard with more settings based on your needs, such as adding widgets, updating device scope, and unlinking widgets. See Dashboard Settings for more details.

4.Click the icon to save the dashboard.

Note: Closing a dashboard page from the web browser directly will not terminate the execution of a recurring dashboard. To terminate the execution, click Stop.


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