Content Settings for Exporting Map

Content Settings determine what contents are included in the exported document from a map. The left side of the setting pane reflects the table of the content of the document, which can be renamed, moved up/down, and removed. The right side reflects the text of the document.

The following table introduces the options in Content Settings.



Topology Map

Visio Map — a Visio map is embedded in the Word document.


Property — the path properties, such as name, direction, and data source.

Path Overview — the path general information, such as path number and device note related to the path.

Device Configuration

File Type — you can select the Full Configuration, or select a specific configuration from the drop-down list of Configlet.

Display Mode — the layout of the device configuration. Two modes are provided: Horizontal and Vertical.

Device Asset Data

You can select the desired device asset data to export. By default, the following asset data are selected:


Mgmt IP

Device Type



Software Version

Serial Number

Note: Hostname cannot be moved.

Data Table

Select data tables to export, such as Route Table, NDP Table, and NAT Table.

Data View

Data Table — data table of devices related to the data view.

Monitor Chart Only include charts with errors or warnings.