API Triggered Automation Manager

The system provides APIs for users to integrate with their third-party systems to call Qmap and Runbook functions to achieve an API-triggered diagnosis, such as mapping problem devices and then collecting the live network data when alerts are generated in the third-party systems.

API Triggered Automation Manager is designed to define API tasks, that is, when a third-party system integrated with NetBrain API services generates alerts, what actions will be triggered in the system.

Navigating in API Triggered Automation Manager

Click the start menu , select API Triggered Automation Manager.

API Triggered Tasks contains all API call task instances and relevant information from the integrated third-party systems. The system generates an API task instance for every incoming API call.

API Stub Managerused to create API tasks so that a third-party system can call NetBrain APIs and trigger relevant tasks, such as mapping devices and collecting device data when alerts occur. Once an API task is created, it will be displayed on the API Stub Manager tab.


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