The following table lists the information about a triggered API task.

Column Name


Task ID

When the system receives an API call to trigger a task, it will generate a unique task ID to mark the API task instance.

Task Name

The API stub name of an API Service Stub. A third-party system relies on the API Stub Name to recognize the API tasks in the system. See Adding API tasks for details.


The status of an API task. An API task can have the following types of status:

Pending — the task is in the queue.

Running — the task is running.

Finished — the task is finished.

Forced Stop — the task exceeds the specified Maximum Execution Time and is forced to stop.

Manually Stop — the task is manually stopped.

Failed — the task failed to run. Point to the failed icon to display the failure log.

Triggered By

The system that triggers the API task.

Triggered Time

The time when the API task is triggered.

Start Time

The time when the API task starts to run.

End Time

The time when the API task is ended.


The mode of the API task defined in API Service Stub. See adding API tasks for details.


Opened or generated map defined in API Service Stub. Click it to open the specific map page.

Last Access By

The User ID that last visits the map.


The script that defines how to call an API task in a third-party API system. The script will be generated once an API task is created in the API Stub Manager. Click it to view the script in the pop-up dialog. You can also copy the script and paste to your third-party system.