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Modernizing Network Operations through Automation, Visualization and Collaboration

Now in its fourth generation, thousands of customers around the world (including one-third of the Fortune 500) have relied on NetBrain’s network operations platform to transform their network operations from human-centric to automation-centric through automation. Based upon the NetBrain Automation Value Delivery (AVD) framework, NetBrain V10 incorporates a powerful auto-discovery engine to continuously create a comprehensive digital twin of the entire digital infrastructure end-to-end, including all of its on-premise, software-defined, and public cloud components. NetBrain V10 then leverages this exact digital twin to visually present and manage the entire network visually. And since the NetBrain V10 platform maintains an exact understanding of your entire network, it becomes the perfect platform to implement comprehesive no-code automation in support of operational SLAs and business support goals.

By using NetBrain’s revolutionary no-code automation, any problem can be addressed by any member of the operations team, in a collaborative fashion with members of any other operational team- all in real-time! Using NetBrain, customers will see reduced MTTR, reductions in operational costs, and higher service availability.



Network Discovery

NetBrain’s auto-discovery engine supports your entire network, including all of your traditional on-premise equipment, your software-defined LAN and WAN devices, and your public cloud instances. And it continuously maintains this end-to-end infrastructure, which drives all other aspects of NetBrain V10

Dynamic Map

Dynamic Map serves as a single visual interface for your team to collaborate on and investigate network issues using real-time data. The Dynamic Map is rendered in real-time and allows the user to visually navigate the entire infrastructure and observe the real-time and historical performance data.

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Executable Runbook

NetBrain Executable Runbooks enable teams to capture the knowledge available with your subject matter experts and build this knowledge into executable automation, without the use of any coding. No longer is automation a big project with long lead times and high costs. NetBrainV10 applies automation for any task at scale.

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Intent-Based Automation

NetBrain’s Intent-Based Automation gives operators a proactive and intelligent mechanism to assure that the original application architects’ intentions are continued to be fulfilled. It continuously verifies all of your organization’s IT service intentions are respected, and the required level of performance is maintained.

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Visual Management Console

Using our patented discovery technology, NetBrain’s visual management console enables users to visually navigate the entire infrastructure and manage intentions.

Dynamic Map

Dynamic Maps are built on demand, updated automatically, and contain virtually unlimited data – a true single pane of glass for network operations teams.

Intent-Based Automation

Proactively validates that your network is doing the intentions expected of it, while catching problems before they impact the business, and conducts immediate root cause analysis, and enables faster incident resolution.

Change Management

A comprehensive solution that controls a network change process builds a baseline of required configurations and identifies any drift and compliance issues.

Application Assurance

Manages paths based on applications and continuously verifies the application paths to detect network changes.

Smart CLI

Troubleshoot by comparing CLI command output against a baseline, including save and tag a CLI output.

Visual Parser

NetBrain leverages its extensive library of multi-vendor CLI parsers – in effect, all automation is essentially an enhanced expression of CLI parsers, as they use identical data.

AWS & Azure Cloud Support

The NetBrain platform uses a technology ‘driver’ approach to include any technology. Release 10 includes support for all of the most common public clouds.

CLI Runbook

Allows you to investigate, troubleshoot, automate and collaborate all in one place.

Decision Tree

Advanced data-based flowcharting to replace the traditional and often inaccurate hand-drawn troubleshooting documentation.

Dynamic Data View

Using the visual console, traverse each pathway and decode the network design interactively.

IBA Dashboard & Execution

Unlock the power of automation by using the powerful IBA execution tree to evaluate the status of any known problem.

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We can manage thousands of devices, data can be shared easily across the network, NetBrain can integrate with the existing IT workflows and automate incident response.

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