NetBrain has direct support for all of the technologies used in enterprise and MSP networks today, including hundreds of manufacturers covering thousands of device models. While many other management solutions use more generic representations for common network devices or have limits to the devices that they natively recognize, NetBrain has created a ‘device driver‘ implementation that has specific support for each device and all of its nuance. Direct and specific support for multi-vendor is an absolute requirement when your business is on the line and it depends on the ability to manage desired behaviors that span technologies and geographies end-to-end.

Retrieving and parsing device data with device drivers.

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Public Cloud

With the rapid migration of enterprise applications to the public cloud (now estimated at approximately HALF of all enterprise workloads), it is no longer acceptable to treat your traditional network infrastructure and the public cloud services as different management domains. NetBrain brings your entire infrastructure, including the public clouds and all of its virtual instances and traffic controllers into the same digital twin as the rest of your network.

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Traditional Network

Over the past 40 years, networks have evolved significantly, with various devices like switches, routers, traffic managers, and firewalls becoming commonplace in enterprises. Despite the ongoing shift to cloud migration, traditional infrastructure still plays a vital role, constituting more than half of your organization’s workload. Managing this infrastructure, which consists of numerous devices and protocols, along with traffic management, remains essential for delivering business services. NetBrain’s Network Intent technology comprehends these complexities, enabling effective management.

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SDN Network

With the rise of virtual and software-defined networking, the data center presents both opportunities and challenges. NetBrain seamlessly integrates SDN infrastructure into the overall topology, effectively communicating with controllers to comprehend and decode traffic flows. Our Network Intents management ensures a seamless experience across your data center SDN networks.

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Gaining in mainstream popularity, SD-WAN has become one of the most common approaches to wide-area connectivity across complex arrangements of public carrier technologies. SD-WAN buffers the complexity of the underlying Wide-Area transport and provides end-to-end services needed for the enterprise and MSP. NetBrain understands this layered software-defined structure and integrates those paths into its infrastructure model.

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