Continuous Validation of Application Traffic Paths

Ensuring seamless application performance is a critical challenge for network administrators. Address it head-on, with a centralized view of all application paths, continuously validate end-to-end path performance against healthy path baselines, detect network changes, and set alerts. Protect your business from application performance degradation and disruptions by monitoring all application paths in a consolidated dashboard to ensure consistent connectivity and health.

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Specify Applications

Quickly define all applications and their intended paths.

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Define Golden Paths

Save intended “Golden Paths” including their behaviors.

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Map Paths

Application paths are automatically mapped hop by hop across multi-vendor, hybrid-cloud networks.

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Benchmark Paths

Create benchmark tasks to frequently check connectivity state, view the topology, verify intents, and comparetraffic flows against ‘Golden Paths’.

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Visualize Application Paths

Visualize live, historical, and current baseline application paths against the Golden to discover deviations.

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Application Manager Dashboard

View all application path statuses including diagnostics, performance, and history.

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Application Path Notifications

Generate email alerts to specific teams for path performance problems or deviations to address before causing service disruptions.

Protect Business-Critical Application Paths

Manage, monitor, and verify all application path conditions in a single location.

Ensure Consistent Application Performance

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Proactively Troubleshoot

Quickly troubleshoot and diagnose every application path to ensure each performs as designed.

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Auto-Trigger Path Diagnosis

Automatically trigger NetBrain to auto-diagnose application path issues from integrations with ITSM tools like ServiceNow.

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Obtain Path History

Get a history of all automated checks over time for all paths in a single location. View historical path changes to query and review anomalies.

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Export Reports

Obtain a full report on each path and an Excel file for independent processing and archiving.

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Maintain Compliance

Maintain network compliance through scheduled application traffic path verifications that detect state, performance, and configuration changes.

“NetBrain Can Help Lower Network Costs, automate network diagnosis and problem remediation, plus network changes.”

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