1. Intent Layer

Setting NetBrain’s Digital Twin apart is a repository of desired network configurations and service-level designs required for the successful delivery of the application needs of the business—described in dozens of Network Intents for each device.

NetBrain supporting content image

NetBrain supporting content image

2. Flow Layer

Unlike other digital twins, NetBrain calculates live, baseline, and historical forwarding paths across multi-cloud and hybrid environments, based on real-time routing/forwarding tables and control plane modeling for SDN (ACI, NSX) and SD-WAN.

3. Topology Layer

NetBrain’s Digital Twin provides real-time topology and switching/routing detail across hybrid- and multi-cloud networks, including both underlay (Layer 2/3), overlay (VPN/MPLS/VXLAN), and virtual cloud paths.

NetBrain supporting content image

NetBrain supporting content image

4. Device Layer

Real-time operating details—configurations, resource utilizations, software versions, etc.—of traditional, virtual and cloud-based components from any manufacturer found in your hybrid network.


Eliminates the need to manually build static network maps and continually refreshes every aspect of the connected multi-vendor network.

  • Supports the discovery of traditional, virtual, and cloud-based devices
  • Categorize each device by site, device type, and application function
  • Using a single device seed, crawl the entire network to build a structure
NetBrain supporting content image

NetBrain supporting content image

Inventory Reporting

Generate granular reports with any level of detail for each device- include any detail maintained in the Digital Twin in reports.

Unified ‘One-IP’ Table

A single source of truth that includes and acts as a reference for all IP, MAC, switch ports, and many other device-specific details contained in the Digital Twin.