Deep Visibility Across Your Multi-Vendor, Multi-Format Network

Powered by Dynamic Mapping and Live Digital Twin

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Network Visualization for Automating Troubleshooting, Change and Assessment Processes

Visualize and Share Network Automation Activity

Breakdown operational silos by sharing network automation activity and live network maps with ease using interactive summary dashboards on:
• Network Health
• Change and Drift
• Security
• Cloud
• Application Delivery


Dynamically Map Your Network

Map any part of the hybrid-cloud network to visualize physical and virtual devices, topology, traffic flow, and diagnosis in real-time.
• Visualize L2, L3, overlay, and underlay topology
• Overlay ITSM, NPM, and SIEM data on a map
• Export maps, inventory, configuration, and routing to Microsoft Word and Visio


Path Hybrid-Cloud Application Flows

Map any application hybrid-cloud traffic path
• Monitor path health, performance and connectivity
• Diagnose slow app complaints quickly
• Discover deviations from Golden Paths
• Maintain VoIP and video quality and reduce downtime
• Assess critical app health in a summary dashboard


Auto-Discover Your Multi-Vendor, Hybrid-Cloud Network

Model Your Live Network

Live Digital Twin of network device, topology, flow and intent.
• Intent Layer - business requirements and network design rules
• Flow Layer - hybrid-cloud paths and routing tables
• Topology Layer - connectivity of multi-vendor devices
• Device Layer - real-time config, memory, and CPU utilization

Visualize and Share Network Automation Activity

Get deep network insights at a glance and visualize your multi-vendor, multi-cloud network with Dynamic Maps.

Dynamically Map Your Network

Path every application flow - live, from edge to cloud, and every point in between.

Path Hybrid-Cloud Application Flows

Real-time inventory your network using CLI, SNMP, and API to collect config, device, and interface details with historical and baseline data.

Auto-Discover Your Multi-Vendor, Hybrid-Cloud Network
Model Your Live Network

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