Automatically Map and Diagnose Multi-Vendor Networks

  • Address performance problems: Slow applications, unresponsive services.
  • Speed incident response: Trigger ITSM to run automation for every reported issue.
  • Offload ticket management: Auto-open, close, and prioritize tickets based on severity.
  • Build Automation without Coding or Scripting
  • Easily convert CLI commands or API (SDN or cloud) into automation.
  • Address any problem, from HA failover failures to L3VPN routing with no-code technologies: Visual Parser, Replication Wizard, and Data Tables.

Continuously Assess the Network

  • Automate continuous assessments (scheduled or event-driven).
  • Audit for outage causes: configuration drift, network design, security, and application paths.
  • Leverage a pre-built library of 290+ assessments, including checks for insecure firmware, vulnerabilities, and outdated hardware.
  • Identify unstable network behavior: Transient issues, incrementing interface errors, BGP route flapping.
  • View summarized automation results with Next-Gen dashboards.