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What you’ll see during your customized demo:

  • NetBrain’s patented automatic discovery technology “learns” your entire infrastructure to build a digital twin of your network – for 100% end-to-end visibility.
  • Dynamic Maps document your network automatically using live network data – and update automatically – so you’re never stuck with obsolete static diagrams.
  • How to build a customized map specifically for the task at hand – on demand, in seconds.
  • Executable Runbooks automate time-consuming repetitive tasks in your critical workflows – to accelerate troubleshooting, simplify security tasks, validate changes, etc.
  • See examples of how NetBrain works with key technologies (BGP, IPv6, QoS), 90+ hardware vendors, and other network management solutions (ServiceNow, Splunk, SolarWinds, etc.).

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Who you’ll talk with in the demo

Your account executive will host the demo, and a NetBrain engineer will walk you through our network automation platform.

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Your demo in no canned “one size fits all” presentation. There’s a lot to see in NetBrain, and your time is valuable, so your demo will zero in on the stuff you care about most — and skip what you don’t.

Experts familiar with your industry

Each of our engineers works with a specific industry. They have loads of experience with the kind of networking challenges in companies just like yours.