What if you could transform all of your network operations problem-solving ideas into machine-executable automation in minutes, not months or years? Introducing the latest release of Next-Gen – the no-code network automation platform. This release includes a powerful new Continuous Assessment technology and it’s real-time summary drill-down dashboards to power your diagnostic troubleshooting, outage prevention and safer change management plans.

Assess the Network Continuously with Automation

  1. Change Assessment – What’s changed in my network and where?
  2. Anti-Drift Assessment – Are there deviations from my ideal config rules?
  3. Network Health Assessment – Is my network running properly?
  4. Security Assessment – Am I vulnerable to known NIST standards and CVE bulletins?
  5. Critical Applications – Are my applications healthy?
  6. Life Cycle Management – Is my hardware at End of Life or End of Service?
  7. Hybrid Network Assessment – Is my cloud, ACI, and/or hybrid network healthy?
  8. Triggered Automation Assessment – What issues occurred in the last hour or day?
  9. Past Outage Assessment – Are known problems happening again?
  10. Capacity Assessment – Is my network running out of bandwidth?

Summary Dashboards give you a summary view of your no-code automation activity across the network that you can share with other engineers, teams, and clients. See every assessment point summarized with green and red status counts across regions.

Automation Library includes 300 pre-built executable automations that allow you to achieve continuous assessments.

Automated Troubleshooting at Machine Speed

  • Run automation in a more streamlined UI experience – improved start menu, search, sidebar, and recent features/files.
  • Improved Collaboration Troubleshooting Workflow (<5 minutes)
    1. On a mapped problem area create an automated check with no code using the point and click Auto Parser.
    2. Automated dashboard creation allows you to share automation activity and collaborate.
      • The Incident summary dashboard, accessible from one click in the NetBrain incident, allows you to view the latest triggered automation results in a single pane with diagnosis activities organized by:
        • Triggered diagnosis
        • Level 1 network engineer diagnosis
        • Level 2 network engineer diagnosis
  • Leverage the included Automation Library with 300 pre-built executable automations for troubleshooting.
  • Enhanced Intent Scheduler allows you to run Intents more frequently. Automatically identify network infrastructure used by critical business processes and poll them more often.

Creating Automation is Effortless

  • Intent creation improvements: Significant updates to the No-Code User Interface to make it quicker and easier for users to build automation intents from the experience they already have.
  • Quick Parser democratizes the creation of no-code automation at scale. Parse commands visually for any device, auto-extracting variables. Define diagnosis with Boolean logic, set alerts, and replicate intent across the network.
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Scaling Automation is Streamlined

  • Replication Wizard applies intents as automation to the entire multi-vendor, hybrid-cloud network to scale no-code automation. Identifies, replicates, and scales automation across the entire network.
  • Support Neighbor Replication Logic in NIT (network intent template): provide support for neighbor replication, expanding the replication capability of NIT. So that users can create most of the automation for device pairs without using NIC.
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Deploying Automation is Improved

  • All-in-One Deployment: Provides one package for channel partners to use to perform network assessments, deploying all components like Mongo DB, Redis, etc., directly in Windows to greatly simplify the deployment process.
  • Virtual network assessments: Leverage extracted configuration data to assess issues’ operating status allowing assessment of sensitive infrastructure.
  • ADT Dataset as Intent Data Source: Build intents and detect config drift even without network access, using device config files and CLI commands as data sources when users do not have network access or only have network access for a certain period.
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