NetBrain Next-Gen takes the science of network automation to a whole new level. Through the use of our No-Code interface, network automation can be built by anyone, and then leverage by everyone! NetBrain Next-Gen understands your entire network from edge to cloud, and does so in real-time creating a Digital Twin unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before; Devices, Topology, Traffic Flows and even the desired behaviors by your application architects and engineers are all part of it. Add our amazing new ChatNBT and Dashboarding subsystems, and you have the industry’s most capable and easy to use Network Automation solution for the Enterprise and MSP environments.

This is NetOps without Limits

NetBrain Next-Gen scales no-code network automation more efficiently and intelligently leveraging a powerful global automation catalog of intents and dynamic maps that intuitively guides you to assemble (not code) automation grouped by your network assets.

Democratizes Automation

Powered by a new global intent database, the Automation Data Tables (ADT), anyone can now intuitively create, replicate, customize, and utilize intent-based automation by leveraging a powerful global automation catalog… all without a single line of code.

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Event-triggered Diagnostics On-demand

Dynamically troubleshoot and diagnose network problems, generate real-time maps in the vacinity of the problem, accelerate remedial workflows, and avoid unintended consequences and human error. NetBrain Next-Gen automates cascading diagnosis to downstream and neighbor devices when errors, service disruptions, non-compliance, or configuration drifts are detected.

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Automated Replication Delivers Greater Scale

Elevate NetOps with recursive, template-powered auto-replication of network intents on demand during troubleshooting across multi-vendor networks and combining many diagnostics into a single intent for more powerful, accurate automation.

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More Conversational

Say hello to NetBrain Next-Gen’s ChatNBT! A new web-based self-service chatbot is available to infrastructure operations teams which can execute multi-step intent-based network automation to solve real-world challenges fast, without the need for time-consuming escalations. Generate and share hybrid-cloud maps, prompt users, and share findings with others to speed up troubleshooting, compliance tasks, and change management.

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Cloud-Savvy and Eco-System Friendly

Extends diagnostic intent-based automation to API-based infrastructure, including SDN and public clouds, while also integrating data from 3rd-party external observability systems for a unified hybrid view. Monitor and troubleshoot routing configuration and status, VPN tunnel and private cloud connectivity, data metrics, resource compliance, and security configurations and events. Set up preventive automation, and correlate data with external monitoring systems.

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Enhances More Critical Automation Workflows

Incident Workflow Use trouble ticket data, self-service, or monitoring probes to auto-trigger diagnostic automation. Create notifications via email, API or Webhooks to external systems such as ITSM systems (e.g.  ServiceNow, JIRA) to auto-create and close tickets (like noisy informational or no-problem-found alerts) and to send data to external observability systems like Splunk.

Change Workflow Scale the definition of network changes by capturing the pre-change status of critical assets, designs, and apps that could be impacted by changes. Verify the impact of changes and automatically close tickets while preventing new changes from overwriting existing configurations. Then, set up automatic configuration checks for deviations periodically.

Preventive Automation Workflow Analyze tickets, designs, and best practice and security rules and identify deviations proactively via a schedule, trigger (ticket), or using the ChatNBT, and report violations via alerts, dashboards, and third-party system notifications.

Outcome-Focused Dashboards

Make sense of thousands of intents with automation status and results at your fingertips with new reports. View charts and reports in a customizable dashboard identifying where optimization is occurring, and where specific operational problems are being detected. Get quick snapshots and drill down into key metrics including network health across the hybrid cloud, security compliance, configuration and design violations, capacity planning, and performance trend analysis. Next-Gen dashboards align the automation in flight, with the savings being realized.

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