Why Certify as a NetBrain Automation Engineer?

NetBrain has designed our Automation Engineer certification program for you – The Network Engineer, NOC Engineer, Security Operations, Systems Architect, or anyone within the NetOps or DevOps space looking to validate their mastery of NetBrain Automation.

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The NetBrain Automation Certification Program

NetBrain Certified Automation Associate (NCAA)

The NetBrain Certified Automation Associate (NCAA) certification demonstrates that you’ve mastered the essentials of NetBrain Automation and can design, build, and implement automation that can be scaled network-wide to help achieve your organizations automation goals.

NetBrain Certified Automation Professional (NCAP)

The NetBrain Certified Automation Professional (NCAP) certification validates you as an expert with proficiency in network automation to enhance critical troubleshooting and diagnostic workflows across your Network Operations, Security, and IT infrastructures.

NetBrain Certified Automation Architect (NCAE)

The NetBrain Certified Automation Architect (NCAE) certification distinguishes you as a network automation visionary capable of shaping a corporate NetDevOps strategy from initial concept design and rollout through operation and enablement.

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