Demo 1: Map Live Networks with No-Code Automation

Feb 20

Topology is not static. Your maps shouldn’t be either. See a hands-on demo of how to dynamically map your hybrid-cloud multi-vendor network using our unique 4-dimensional digital twin to not only see device and topology layers, but also traffic flow of end-to-end hybrid paths with a model of the control plane, and intents of the network design decoded from raw network data.

Demo 2: No-Code Troubleshooting with Auto-Diagnosis

Feb 27

Move away from today’s manual CLI troubleshooting to no-code automation by converting CLI expertise into machine-led problem diagnosis without sacrifice of engineering power. Streamline ticket management and reduced false positives from noisy alerts. Experience a live demo of monitoring- and ITSM-triggered automatic problem diagnosis, automation of ticket impact assessment and auto-prioritization, and auto-close or open. Learn how self-service chatbots can minimize escalations.

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