CISA BOD 23-01: What Agencies Need to Know About Compliance

Jun 30, 2023 DarkReading

The new network visibility mandate provides a good foundation for identifying risks and building better security programs at federal agencies.

The Role of Automation in Network Operations Isn’t What You Think

Jun 26, 2023 APMdigest

Changes in technology have made network automation much more accessible to the point that there are low-code and no-code options available.

NetBrain Showcases Next-Gen – The Industry’s Most Scalable Network Automation

Jun 1, 2023 Benzinga

NetBrain Next-Gen enables highly efficient network automation at enterprise scale.

Why Automation Can Help Continuously Validate Security Policies

May 17, 2023 BetaNews

Traditional NetOps should extend their management domains and operational plans to include the cloud.

CIO Review: Reducing the Cost and Risk Of Hybrid Network Operations

Apr 7, 2023 CIOReview

NetBrain enables the discovery of every aspect of any hybrid network, transforming it into a robust digital twin, and then layers upon that digital model the long list of application-driven business requirements of the network.

What is Day 2 Network Operations and Why Do You Need It?

Mar 23, 2023 Network Computing

As networks have gotten more complex, including public clouds and software-defined technologies, successful Day 2 network management at the enterprise level requires a more strategic approach to operations that looks at the delivered results or "intents" of the network rather…

Plan Ahead and Say Goodbye to Service Outages for Good

Mar 23, 2023 DataCenterDynamics

Today more than half of all computing is hosted within the public cloud, creating a virtualized infrastructure where the network now plays the dominant role in determining IT service delivery...

How Organizations Can Bolster Policy Enforcement with Automated Security Testing

Mar 20, 2023 EnterpriseSecurityTech

Security professionals all know that they should test their security hardware and software periodically to make sure it’s working as intended...

Why CIOs Need to Care More About Automating Network Operations

Mar 9, 2023 APM Digest

No-code network automation can make modern NetOps dramatically more effective when compared to the widely used and decades-old manual device-health-centric approaches.