NetBrain Announces Next Gen Release 3 with Continuous Network Assessment

Feb 6, 2024 APMdigest

NetBrain Technologies announced the availability of the third release of Next-Gen, its flagship no-code network automation platform.

NetBrain Introduces Continuous Network Assessment Technology in No-Code Automation Platform

Feb 6, 2024 AIthority

Next-Gen Release 3 enables ideas to be transformed into executable automation in minutes.

NetBrain Enhances Partner Skills with New Network Automation NFR License

Feb 5, 2024 Noah

NetBrain introduces a Partner Engineer NFR license to bolster network automation proficiency among technology professionals.

The 100 Hottest Cloud Computing Companies Of 2024

Jan 22, 2024 CRN

NetBrain was named one of the top 100 companies leading the way in 2023 in innovation and global expansion.

Network Security is Ripe for Automation – Except When It Isn’t

Dec 6, 2023 BetaNews

According to one analyst estimate, the market for network automation tools will grow nearly 23 percent annually from 2022-2030.

The Role Of Continuous Network Assessment In Outage Prevention

Nov 21, 2023 Forbes

Outage prevention has long been considered the holy grail in networking. But how does one find potential problems? How does an enterprise organization proactively look for conditions that would lead to outages if left unchecked?

Continuous Network Assessment Is The Key to Modern NetOps

Nov 21, 2023 SpiceWorks

Evolving network operations need continuous network assessment. Here’s why.

6 Trends Fueling the Rise of Self-Service IT

Oct 30, 2023 CIO

Self-service IT is evolving and maturing, empowering end users to solve a wider range of IT issues without direct IT involvement than ever before.

The Five Most Common Network Automation Objectives

Jul 5, 2023 betaNews

Network automation boosts reliability & efficiency, reduces burden on engineers. Five objectives: outage prevention, problem diagnosis, app performance, security, and change management.