NetBrain has transformed the traditional Network Assessment from an audit-related inventory mechanism and infrequently performed manual task to a strategic real-time operational strategy that understands your entire multi-vendor hybrid-cloud network and brings outage prevention and compliance into view.

By continuously assessing hundreds or thousands of points, and then making that assessment continuous, your operational team will be in direct support of the needs of the business. The assessment will prevent minor anomalies from manifesting into production impacts. Take for instance an HA pair that loses its configuration mirroring, or a QoS oversubscription that results in application performance issues. All grey areas can be automatically detected and corrected through assessment.

Continuously Assess Your Hybrid-Cloud Network

NetBrain’s no-code network automation platform can continuously assess every aspect of your network to help you uncover unidentified network bottlenecks and vulnerabilities before they impact your services.

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Continuous Assessment

Perform continuous assessments of thousands of operational conditions to confirm the ability of the infrastructure to deliver essential IT services as defined by the business.

More Than Inventory

Multi-point assessment of network vulnerabilities and bottlenecks, network performance and reliability, and regulatory standards compliance and vendor recommendations.

Strategic vs Tactical

With a near real-time assessment of all of the network operating conditions across the infrastructure that matter, NetOps teams are empowered to support the infrastructure reactively and proactively.

No-code automation makes it effortless

The Power of Intents

Empower every subject matter expert, network architect, security architect, and application owner to capture their unique conditions through our user-friendly no-code interface as Network Intents. These Intents encapsulate the network’s expected results and behaviors. With an extensive array, reaching even into the thousands, NetBrain continuously evaluates each Intent automatically, ensuring a comprehensive and dynamic network assessment.

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Assessment library

A comprehensive Intent-Based Network Assessment (IBNA) Library comes with 290+ assessment items out of the box that can be run immediately or modified as your needs evolve.

No-code extensibility

Write your own assessments effortlessly in the no-code platform for rapid scalability.

Detailed reporting

Choose your output: Dashboard (which shows the intents, devices, and alerts), CSV (from ADT/intents), and ADT (showing the basic data and alerts).

Identify Network Vulnerabilities and Bottlenecks

Uncover unidentified network problems before they wreak havoc on your business services and negatively impact the user experience.

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Assess network design

Analyze routing, switching, network overlay, and underlay to proactively prevent outages due to configuration drift.

Assess fault tolerance

Check first hop failover, spanning-tree (L2 failover), WAN-Link failover (L3), and device failover (HA) to prevent outages caused by failover failures.

Assess network performance

Verify device CPU/memory, critical link utilization, link errors, QoS design, and health to prevent network performance degradation and ensure application health.

Assess security & compliance

Identify security weaknesses and stay in sync with regulatory standards and vendor hardening recommendations.

Assess Clouds

Stay on top of performance, connectivity, resource costs, health, compliance and security for your Azure, AWS and GCP public cloud networks.