Performing network assessments is both a necessity and an ordeal. It’s typically only made possible by hiring a third-party service provider with a team of network engineers on an annual basis. The resulting topology assessment is a fair snapshot of the infrastructure connectivity but lacks information about the network quality, performance, and security needed to deliver business services.

Having real-time detail of every device from every manufacturer and what each is connected to is more ideal given the frequency of changes in large networks. NetBrain helps you achieve good network hygiene by continuously running real-time network assessments for you, not by you.

Multi-Facet Intent-Based Awareness

Continuous Network Assessment

NetBrain’s scalable platform continuously and automatically discovers, verifies, and updates a digital twin of your hybrid network to give you reliable data. Network Intent technology helps go beyond assessing simple connectivity by gathering real-time performance and security profiles which it encodes as the desired network behaviors required by each application.

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Continuously assess

Documentation accuracy doesn’t have to go out of date the moment an assessment is complete. Validate network topology through auto-discovery and auto-create comprehensive maps on demand.

Complete inventory

There’s no need to sample a large number of devices since NetBrain automates the assessment, and continuously checks every port on every device.

Always up to date

NetBrain takes the work out of assessments, so your engineers have a complete and real-time view of the network and its connectivity, performance, and security conditions.

Demonstrate Regulatory and Design Compliance

Understand how each of your network components supports and continuously verifies your business service delivery goals so you can defend your organization’s network architecture, change management workflows, and overall performance to meet application needs. Protect your hybrid network investments and create a foundation for all network operations discussions.

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Meet compliance mandates

Regulatory and oversight mandates require deep understanding and continuous verification of hybrid networks for accuracy.

Uncover potential vulnerabilities

Even though networks may appear operational, you can check if they are compromised in connectivity, overall performance, or security control.

Confidently Prepare for Audits

Perform real-time assessments anytime to get a comprehensive view of information flows throughout your hybrid network.

Insource Network Assessments

Don’t spend time planning, budgeting, and waiting for external service providers to spend weeks performing network assessments, only to find out that it’s not complete and doesn’t provide insight into how well your applications perform. These outsourced organizations simply don’t have the means to rapidly produce comprehensive assessments.

NetBrain’s network understanding goes far beyond the physical topology, extending to performance under load, application behavior, and the user experience with the touch of a button.

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Accurate data, anytime

Maintain an always-accurate digital twin that reflects all the capabilities of your hybrid network.

Optimize your network

Identify network bottlenecks and other conflicts along with overused or underused resources to make your network more cost-effective and efficient.

Empower your Team

Your team is stronger when it understands the infrastructure it supports. By insourcing network assessments, NetOps teams are empowered with deeper business-alignment knowledge.

Problem Diagnosis Automation Business Value

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