Multiply the effectiveness of your NetOps team with ready-to-use Intent-based no-code network automation. With NetBrain Next-Gen, your team can go from overwhelmed to in control,  enabling the precise delivery of all of your individual business services which are built upon your hybrid multi-vendor and multi-cloud infrastructure.

We’re changing the very nature of NetOps, transforming the very core of the most common workflows, which allows unlimited scale, reduced overhead, costs, and risk- all without the need to add additional resources.

Prevent Outages and Service Degradations

Network outages often go undetected until the user experience starts to suffer. With NetBrain, you will continuously assess the behavior of the network based on its desired goals, providing operational insight before problems being to impact the business. Manage the four main causes of network outages:

  • Configuration drift and the unintended consequences of change
  • Failover provisions that are inoperative or inadequate
  • Performance degradation over time
  • Security attacks through exposed surfaces and border intrusions
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Enforce Network Security

Ensure your security architecture provisions are in force as intended. Continuously observe and verify all your device, border, edge, and zone requirements to ensure your network and data are protected, always. Intent-based network automation enables the detection of any threat fast with:

  • Continuous observability of the flow of information across the network
  • Verifies access and control definitions at scale
  • Identifies anomalies long before bad actors do
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Protected Change Management

Network automation enables change management to enhance service delivery, without incurring the unintended consequences of change. By establishing a precise understanding of the applications and their network intents that traverse each device, and then evaluating the success of those intents before and after change activity, business service delivery is preserved:

  • Guarding against configuration drift
  • Verifying the impact of network changes
  • Automating the definition and delivery of changes
  • Remediating well-known problems and security defense
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Instantly Understand Application Delivery

Achieve operational success by using automation to ensure critical applications perform well across any hybrid multi-vendor and multi-cloud network. Map, analyze, and monitor application path performance to:

  • View application traffic flows across the entire hybrid network (Data Center, WAN, Cloud)
  • Automatically analyze application performance issues
  • Continuously monitor critical application paths and their required network conditions
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Automate Diagnostic Troubleshooting

Take NetOps from on-call to proactive with actionable map-based and self-service troubleshooting. Reduce mean time to repair and free up valuable resources by left-shifting repetitive tasks to the machine. Capture troubleshooting know-how as automation and run it to diagnose any incident the moment they happen including:

  • Repetitive incidents
  • Critical assets (path, failover, border…)
  • Transient problems
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Continuous Intent-Based Network Assessment

Traditional network assessments are outdated and time-consuming. They are limited in scope and only sample portions of the network, which can leave your network vulnerable to unexpected downtime and service degradation.

Continuous Network Assessment uses no-code automation to let you capture and schedule checks (as Intents) for every aspect of your network on a regular basis so you can quickly identify and address any issues proactively. A comprehensive view of your entire network at all times allows you to:

  • Rapidly address bottlenecks and vulnerabilities
  • Perform outage post-mortems
  • Assess application health in real time
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