95% of all network problems are repetitive. Automating repetitive manual tasks accelerates root-cause diagnosis and speeds resolution times. Trigger problem diagnosis automation at the time of the incident to expedite response times and reduce service ticket durations by at least 50%.

Elevate Your Network ITSM and Monitoring Systems

Extend the value of your existing ITSM tools such as ServiceNow, BMC, and network data monitoring tools such as Splunk, ThousandEyes, and Datadog. Go beyond alert handling and translate your experts’ troubleshooting knowledge into action through ITSM automation.

Integration with Service Management >

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Integrate with Ticketing Systems

REST API integration extends workflows to include your ITSM ticketing systems like ServiceNow, BMC, and Ivanti.

Automatically Trigger ITSM Tickets

Reduce the chances of outages by automatically triggering diagnoses from your network monitoring and ITSM tools.

Immediate Incident Response

Quickly gather data and diagnose an issue as soon as it’s reported in ITSM even before a human has had a chance to act.

Reduce Repetitive Work & Expedite Troubleshooting

Most tickets prompt engineers to execute nearly identical sets of initial troubleshooting steps over and over. Leverage Intents to automate the most common tasks in troubleshooting and save precious time during service disruptions.

Proactive Network Troubleshooting >

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Enhanced Data Gathering

The first step in troubleshooting is fact-finding. NetBrain automatically gathers all the data and maps it for initial problem diagnosis.

Intent Validation

Triggered validations check the current network against pre-defined Intents to measure design compliance to speed and simplify root cause identification.

Multi-Cloud and Platform

Bridge cloud, SDN, and SD-WAN visibility gaps in your hybrid network and leverage expertise from various disciplines when troubleshooting.

Empower Support Teams with Self-Service

When issues present themselves outside typical ITSM channels, self-service provides the same powerful triggered automation to support teams of all tiers. With self-service, all support staff (security, application, and even level-1 helpdesk engineers—not just network engineers), can trigger diagnosis automation in real-time from anywhere.

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Automation on Demand

Diagnose issues discovered outside typical ITSM channels by triggering automation from NetBrain’s Intent Library anytime on the go.

Leverage Chatbots

Along with on-demand triggers inside ITSM like ServiceNow, intuitive self-service chatbots are also available from Microsoft Teams and even email!

Built for Collaboration

Share diagnosis results from self-service tools through NetBrain’s console or from the Incident Portal, allowing anyone to participate interactively in real-time remediation.