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The Top 5 Network Support Tickets to Automate

by Claudio Pallais Apr 26, 2024

Network Support Tickets to AutomateWhat frustrates you the most about network support? Nothing feels better than playing detective on an obscure network issue and being the IT hero who resolves it. But too much time in network operations is about addressing all-too-common, repeat incidents … manually. Network support tickets we’ve resolved over and over again in the exact same way. Feels like maybe not the best use of our time. And it’s not!

In business, efficiency is key. Manually handling every support ticket just does not sync with modern practices. What’s more is that lengthy network disruptions are not great for business.

Better, then, to automate the common network support tickets we see every day. We know that, but it’s not easy. Or, it wasn’t … until NetBrain. Let’s get right into it and explore the top 5 network support tickets to automate with NetBrain’s no-code automation!