Advanced Service Offerings

Deployment Services

Allow our trusted engineering team to assist you implement NetBrain. We will walk you through the entire installation process to ensure a successful roll out to all of your users.

  • ActivityDescription and TimelineStandardAdvanced Services-Essentials
  • Deployment Document1500 nodes and above1500 nodes and above
  • InstallationSetup server hardware, server connectivity and ensure NetBrain’s access to live devicesCustomer Driven Yes
  • Setup Review Meeting 1-hour meeting to review your hardware setup and introduce resources for next steps. This meeting should occur within 1 month of purchase. Yes Yes
  • DiscoveryDiscover your network devices up to the license number of nodes Customer Driven Yes
  • Fine Tune Ensure your workspace is pristine and all device information is accurately captured Customer Driven Yes
  • Documentation Work with you to create your own site topology and create your first Qmaps Customer Driven Yes
  • Benchmark Setup auto-update functionalities to maintain up-to-date maps and workspace information Customer Driven Yes
  • Post-Implementation Review Meeting 1-hour meeting to assess implementation completeness and provide suggestions for any identified gaps. This meeting should occur within 3 months of purchase. Yes Yes
  • End User and Administrator Trainings 2-hour, Instructor-led trainings using customer’s network. Add on Purchase Yes

NetBrain Professional Service Offerings

NetBrain’s industry experts help formulate, recommend and implement a series of tailor made solutions to accelerate your return on investment in our NetBrain platform. Engage with us when you are not sure how to accomplish a blocker to your success with NetBrain, or if you are looking to quickly recognise value with our NetBrain platform.


Getting Up and Running:

Our Essentials Service offering is designed to ensure NetBrain is deployed quickly; accelerating time to value and mitigating deployment risks by utilizing best practices gained from numerous deployments.

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Accelerate your NetBrain ROI

The Accelerator Service offering is designed for customers who wish to take their existing NetBrain deployment to the next level by enhancing their existing workflows, working towards automation and integration within their NetBrain environment.

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NetBrain All-Inclusive

Our Subscription Service is designed for customers who wish to partner with NetBrain to deliver maximum value from their NetBrain platform: from deployment to value acceleration, through to administration best practices. Our all-inclusive service is tailor-made to enable long-term strategic value to your organization.

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