Professional Services

NetBrain Service Packages

NetBrain’s industry experts help formulate, recommend, and implement a series of tailor made solutions to accelerate your return on investment in our NetBrain platform. Engage with us when you are not sure how to accomplish a blocker to your success with NetBrain, or if you are looking to quickly recognize value with our NetBrain platform.


Accelerate time-to-value of your NetBrain investment

  • Designed to ensure NetBrain is deployed quickly.
  • Accelerating time to value and mitigating deployment risks by utilizing best practices gained from numerous deployments.
  • Build sites, maps and documentation
  • Automate maintenance, minimizing manual tasks
  • Training to ensure your team is fully trained after implementation


Integrate NetBrain into your workflow

  • Take your existing NetBrain deployment to the next level
  • NetBrain experts will use a prescriptive method to discover and recommend top use cases based on your unique environment
  • NetBrain will implement three tailor made use-cases to drive enhanced value utilizing automations and integrations with your workflows:
  • Customize visualization of your network
  • Automate troubleshooting and daily tasks with automated runbooks
  • Integrate third party software with NetBrain


12-month subscription of everything you need

  • All-Inclusive service is tailor made to enable long-term strategic value to your organization
  • Targeted at customers who wish to maximize value from their NetBrain platform: from deployment to value
  • Acceleration to administration best practices
  • Continuous access to NetBrain professional services over a period of 12 months
  • Includes Essential package
  • Includes 6 Use Cases
  • Three 2-hour training sessions





NetBrain Professional Services helped us speed up implementation on our network to quickly recognize our return on investment.