The future of network automation is no-code.

With the power to capture and convert subject matter expertise, every NetOps engineer can now become an automation engineer. Effortlessly re-use problem-solving knowledge to proactively prevent a multitude of similar incidents. Don’t struggle to hire dedicated coders or specialized automation engineers. NetBrain’s no-code Next-Gen platform is built on a 4-dimensional digital twin and empowers network professionals to take charge of automation, eliminating the dependence on external consultants or vendor-specific solutions to reduce: MTTR, ticket volume, and human touch.

No-Code Intent Capture

Transform network know-how into automation without a single line of code.

Replicate Across Network

Use automation across the entire hybrid-cloud network to diagnose and prevent thousands of similar problems.

Enforce Intent

Publish automation for others to use anytime. Execute automation as often as needed to identify recurring issues.

Capture Network Expertise as Intent with No-Code

An advanced no-code engine captures subject matter expertise for any problem, any vendor so it can be shared and re-used by others across the organization. Harness the power of no-code automation to capture existing engineering knowledge, turn it into executable automation called Intents, and make it available across the organization. NetBrain brings all the needed resources together in real time for faster problem-solving.

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Build Intent

After the platform retrieves live CLI output from devices and generates a contextual map, build out no-code automation. Select or create a visual parser to effortlessly extract relevant data from the CLI output.

Define Logic in Visual Parser

Use CLI/SNMP/API commands to parse relevant data from the output to create diagnosis logic and alerts. Any network engineer can build automation without programming know-how by using boolean (If/Then/Else) logic.

Quick Intent

An agile way to create intents is by defining diagnoses, directly viewing diagnostic results on a map, and repeatedly adjusting intent logic to achieve desired results.

Replicate Intents Across the Entire Network

Create automation for thousands of similar problems with a single diagnostic or remedial intent. Capture any check once and auto-replicate that intent across any number of user-qualified devices in any multi-vendor network.

Intent Replication Wizard

Combines intent template settings, pre-decoding and intent installation, Auto-Intent configurations, and Automation Data Gable configuration UIs into a single wizard.

Automation Data Tables (ADT)

Add intents to ADTs for managing automation replication allowing for continuous network assessments.

Intent Templates

Easily clone Intent logic to devices across your entire network. Expertise is then available to anyone to leverage.

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Proactively Enforce Intent

Verify your network is always working as intended. Schedule the validation frequency, create and send notifications to others, and view the historical results in centralized dashboards.

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On a Schedule

A timer allows you to easily execute network checks on a specified frequency and run scheduled CLI and NetOps tasks for you via Intents in support of network compliance and audits.

Trigger by 3rd-Party Events

Increase the value of your monitoring tools, including Solarwinds, Splunk, PRTG, and ServiceNow, by triggering NetBrain to run automated diagnosis to check for network anomalies and alert you to any first occurrence or transient problem.

Quickly Notify Users

Create email notifications and webhooks to send payload data to 3rd-party systems.

View Results in Dashboards and Reports

Leverage centralized and customizable interfaces to provide an overview of your network infrastructure. Monitor, analyze, and manage various aspects of your network visually from a single location. Export report results to review and share with others.

Store Automation in Centralized Library

Share the no-code work created by the best SMEs across the organization, reducing escalations, elevating Level 1 tech capabilities to Level 2, and decreasing the time and resources required to complete operational tasks.

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“NetBrain Next-Gen is an outstanding product, drives efficiency with no-code automation. It is a brilliant product if you do not have capacity to write own automation scripts.”

Sr. Network Engineer
in IT Service Industry

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