5 Ways to Revolutionize Ticket Resolution

with No-Code Network Automation

Today’s enterprises deal with 100s or 1,000s of IT tickets every day, each reflecting a network, application, or security issue. There is no “right way” to troubleshoot network issues, but one thing is certain – manual, and unpredictable, problem-solving methods do not scale.

Watch this on-demand webinar to find out:

  • Where network teams spend most of their time each and every day
  • The types of network tickets that NetOps teams face and how much they cost
  • An advanced troubleshooting methodology that accelerates resolution with automation
  • Why the postmortem may be the most important step to ongoing productivity gains

"Anytime a manager comes to me with an undefined problem, the first question I ask is ‘What does NetBrain say?’"

- Director, Telco Industry

Watch Recorded Webinar (50 mins)