Move beyond the binary – or two-dimensional – application ‘available/not available’ metrics to understand the network conditions required to deliver high-performance application and service experiences. By adding a third dimension – context – the network comes into focus to give you a complete understanding of path quality in the context of the applications it delivers.

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Hybrid-Cloud End-to-End Path View

Leverage network intents, defined as baseline topology, state, and condition, to automatically verify to enforce every application traffic path performance.

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Impacted Applications

Diagnose slow app complaints quickly and reduce MTTR while proving network innocence.

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Continuous Monitoring

Proactively analyze all critical applications to ensure high performance.

Preserve Network Fidelity for Application Traffic

Application Assurance keeps network device configurations, connectivity, and access policies in check with your intended design. Assure application availability and service levels by continuously verifying that the architected network paths and performance conditions needed are always in place. NetBrain leverages Network Intents to enforce architects’ designs and policies automatically to ensure application path performance.

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Troubleshoot Path Performance Across Cloud

Map any hybrid-cloud traffic path by entering the endpoints (as IP or hostname).

Maintain Quality Application Performance

Capturing and verifying that the ideal network conditions exist. Leverage network intents to verify application traffic paths, protocols, and policies.

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Visualize Infrastructure Changes

Visualize network changes and identify all impacted devices, services, and application dependencies – in seconds.

Automate Enforcement of Network Design

Automatically verify the existence of all the network intents associated with specific applications before service interruptions.

Troubleshoot Business-Critical Application Paths Faster

Visualize the network based on application delivery and important paths, not just devices. Traffic path visibility ensures high-performance application performance over the network.

Pinpoint the Root Cause of Slow Apps

Calculate, define, and benchmark all optimal application traffic paths as Golden Paths. Compare these against active application paths to discover any deviations.

Respond to Changes Faster

Automatically checks that applications are always delivered as intended. Sends alerts if any network configuration drift occurs that affects application delivery.

Verify Application Path Health

Leverage Intents to guard against unintended network changes. Determine why latency is high. Verify that the QoS policy is in compliance.

Ensure Critical Application Performance

Application delivery relies on network design compliance to reach end users. Modern infrastructures have copious inter-dependencies that require a continuous verification of accessibility and performance.

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Maintain VoIP and Video Quality

Gain contextual understanding of qualitative conditions for real-time and interactive multi-media applications.

Verify Application Path Health

Intent-Based Automation coupled with Adaptive Monitoring uses virtual probes to proactively monitor the behaviors of your network.

Reduce Downtime and Service Degradations

Pre-define rules to use network Intent to identify issues before they impact your production users.

Manage all Application Paths in One Place

Display and manage all application traffic paths required by all applications and microservices in a single dashboard. The control center allows you to easily check connectivity state, view topology, verify intent status, and compare traffic flows against Golden Paths, or known working baseline, for every application.

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Effortless Centralized Management

In one dashboard, automatically verify intents by checking connectivity state, topology, and performance of all application paths.

Proactive Monitoring

Schedule regular application network health checks or execute as part of change management tasks. Trigger from external monitoring tools like ServiceNow, Datadog or Splunk.

Get a History of all Path Checks

See a complete history of all automated checks performed at regular intervals to determine when any changes occurred and why were done.

Scalable and Flexible for the Most Demanding Networks

Network Intents ease the management of application flows with a holistic understanding of the network that breaks device-level performance into the success of application flows. By aligning the management of applications and services with the underlying network topology, you can stay ahead of performance challenges as your network expands and changes.

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Keep Pace with Business Growth

Group disparate network paths and their associated application or services for quicker intent verification and problem diagnosis.

Any Network, Any App

By abstracting the design and function of any network – traditional, SDN, cloud, or hybrid – into the desired behavior, gain the management you need for any app.

Accelerate Agility

Since a substantial number of desired network behaviors are common from location to location, network intent-based automation is scalable with minimal intervention.