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Automation for the thousands of operational tasks teams perform every day

  • Dynamic Documentation

    Say good-bye to incomplete, outdated and manual documentation

    • Document a complex data center on the fly
    • Map any application flow in seconds
    • Document know-how, and make it executable
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  • Troubleshooting Automation

    Continuously reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)

    • Automate a first response, just in time
    • Analyze hundreds of data points in seconds
    • Proactively diagnose well-known issues
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  • Security Automation

    Isolate and mitigate threats. Faster.

    • Capture the crime scene in real time
    • Assess the impact visually
    • Mitigate threats with one-click changes
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Leverage Automation at Every Stage of Incident Response

Leverage Automation at Every Stage of Incident Response

Automation can shift the workload left to enable more incidents to get resolved further downstream and continuously reduce MTTR.

How to introduce automation into day-to-day NetOps

What’s New in Network Automation

A Practical Solution for Transitioning to Cisco ACI

Discover how NetBrain provides the deep visibility needed solve the day-to-day challenges of managing a hybrid ACI/non-ACI network in a consistent, familiar way.


Live Webinar: When Everyone Works Remote - Steps for Preparing Your Network

NetBrain has put together an informative webinar to outline the steps you need to take to ensure your network is ready and able to cope with the new normal.


Implementing Automation to Reduce MTTR

This white paper lays out a methodology for scaling network automation to continuously improve troubleshooting and reduce MTTR.


Automate Incident Response with NetBrain’s Free ServiceNow App

Learn how NetBrain’s ServiceNow app automatically enriches ServiceNow ticket with a Dynamic Map and Executable Runbook diagnosis embedded directly in the ticket.


Automating Incident Response With NetBrain (Podcast)

Is network automation just provisioning of equipment? That’s what most of us think of, but there’s more to the story. Anything within the scope of networking where we can reduce manual process falls under the umbrella of automation. Our sponsor today is NetBrain, and we’re going to discuss network automation from the standpoint of fixing problems–how a tool that deeply understands network topology can help you get to the bottom of a ticket without you having to query interfaces device by device while you troubleshoot.


Democratizing Network Automation: What’s New in NetBrain 8.0

See how Just in Time Automation integrates your existing tools and processes into a map-driven workflow, helping teams get on the same page and minimize finger pointing during a response.


Dynamic Network Documentation

This registration-free webinar replay shows how you can get always-accurate, data-rich network documentation customized for the task at hand in just seconds.


Top 10 IT Challenges Addressed with NetBrain Automation

So how does NetBrain help you with your day-to-day workload? Here are 10 things NetBrain does to make your life easier.