Network Automation the Way You Intended

Automate up to 95% of all service tickets to dramatically reduce MTTR. Prevent up to 50% of network problems, reducing ticket volume.

Manage your Network by Intent, not by Device

Align your network with how your business thinks.






Network Platforms


Features Configured


Of Engineers


SME Teams


Escalation Tiers


CLI-only for Troubleshooting


Tools Purchased


Cost in Downtime/year

Accelerate the Diagnosis of Every Ticket

Reduce the duration and overhead associated with solving network problems

Prevent Outages Through Enforcement

Continuous enforcement of network intentions to prevent IT service outages

Intelligent Network Automation for Day-2 Operations

Capture Intent with Dynamic Mapping

Capture Intent with Dynamic Mapping

Encoding the hybrid network to establish the network intents of each component

End-to-End Visibility

Verify Policies and<br>Best Practices

Verify Policies and
Best Practices

The set of diagnostic processes needed for each network intent to establish compliance

Automation for Everyone

Enforce Network Design to Maintain Benchmarks

Enforce Network Design to Maintain Benchmarks

The continuous validation that all defined network intents are being fully met

Be Proactive

Trusted by 2,500+ Customers

“Troubleshooting without NetBrain is like troubleshooting in the dark.”

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What’s New at NetBrain


2022 Cool Vendor

NetBrain has been named a Gartner Cool Vendor for a second time!


Address Your Operations Challenges with Network Automation

Reduce or eliminate up to 95% of all network service tickets and up to 50% of outages.

Case Study

BT Enterprise Managed Services and NetBrain

Learn how NetBrain drives business outcomes for 2,000 managed services clients.

White Paper

Top 10 Network Automation Use Cases

NetBrain’s PDA System helps enterprises tackle the hundreds of NetOps tasks you face every day.


Introducing NetBrain 10.1 Problem Diagnosis Automation System (PDAS)

See how NetBrain’s Intent-Based PDA System will let you get back to business.


Automate the Diagnosis of Every Network Ticket

See how triggered automation improves your mean-time-to-repair.


The Future of Network Operations

Take control of network operations and find out how you can leverage our library of pre-built automation units now.

Solution Brief

Automate Problem Diagnosis with ServiceNow Integration

Learn how NetBrain PDAs works to extend the value of ServiceNow.


Network Management by Intent Identifies Problems Before Impacting Your Business

NetBrain’s “network intent” automation enforces Network Engineer “design intents” and gets alerts when the intended configuration has changed.


NetBrain for Public Cloud

NetBrain visibility and automation include specific support for all of the major public cloud services including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon AWS.