The Bigger Your Network, the Less You Are Automating...

Adaptive Network Automation is the answer.

What is Adaptive Network Automation?

With NetBrain, your network automation can finally adapt to your network, tools, and tasks.

Your Network

NetBrain automatically discovers and decodes even the most complex multi-vendor infrastructures, collecting thousands of data points to build a “digital twin” of your network.

Your Tools

NetBrain integrates data from multiple sources, including ITSM, monitoring, and security tools you’re already using today.

Your Tasks

The know-how for any task – from troubleshooting and cyber defense to documentation and change validation – can be programmed without scripts.


How NetBrain Works

Map-driven network automation. For any workflow. On any network.

Automate any workflow Original
Map the network instantly Modified
Automate any workflow
Map the network instantly

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