The vast majority of network issues, including service outages, are the result of change management errors. As the number of devices and complexity increase, it’s harder to foresee the impact of changes. NetBrain offers comprehensive lifecycle network change management capabilities that reduce the risk and cost associated with production network change processes. With NetBrain, you can make highly informed network changes and verify their impact on other business applications. Network Operations teams can deploy critical network configuration changes at scale while instantly verifying their success and overall impact.

Safeguard the Network from Human Error

Most service outages are the result of change management going awry. In cases of conflict, you need to be able to easily revert any changes that may have an adverse effect on the network. NetBrain keeps track of every detail of change management and stores your rollback processes and commands if you need to quickly undo changes. With its built-in rollback feature, NetBrain allows you to immediately mitigate unexpected changes. Drag-and-drop configuration templates eliminate human error, configuration oversights, and other common configuration errors.

Speed Configuration Updates

Configuration automation supports more efficient and verifiable change management. NetBrain’s Change Management Module eliminates the need to write complex and unreliable scripts to deliver network updates by enabling you to deploy changes to the intended interfaces with one click. NetBrain logs in to each device and issues command in real-time and in plain sight for easy review. Network engineers can quickly visualize any change’s impact on a network’s topography, validate the impact with before-and-after snapshots, and deploy the change across all devices.  After you make a change, NetBrain automatically updates your network documentation. NetBrain provides the ability to take benchmarks before and after each change to ensure that the designer’s intentions are preserved.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

More than half of network outages are due to an improperly executed change. NetBrain makes it easy to maintain compliance of the entire production network, either with a standard Architecture/Design or Security Regulation. You can proactively guard against misconfiguration by triggering an automatic validation of network changes against “golden” design and compliance baselines. Templates make it easy to standardize configuration with IT asset management and configuration standardization.

Reduce Network Downtime

Even small changes have the ability to take down an entire system and upend the life of your team. Automation supports more efficient and verifiable change management. As part of the change management workflow, NetBrain lets you take a snapshot of the network before and after deploying configuration changes to ensure that no adverse conditions occurred because of the change. In addition, you can verify existing application and traffic flows, run diagnostic tools, and leave notes for users. NetBrain acts as your Quality Assurance department, displaying any unexpected impacts resulting from any change.

Reduce the Pain of Changes

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Validate Change Management

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