NetBrain integrations allow organizations to build a foundational data model from the network device level to serve higher-level functionalities, including support for different layers.

Support for hundreds of network technologies, vendors, and devices.

  • Support over 400 device types.
  • Discovery via SNMP, CLI and API.
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NetBrain supporting content image

Public Cloud

NetBrain brings your entire infrastructure, including the public clouds and all its virtual instances and traffic controllers into a single digital network model.

Traditional Network

Managing traditional infrastructure requires automation due to the numerous devices and protocols to ensure the delivery of essential business services. NetBrain’s Intent technology comprehends these complexities, enabling comprehensive management.

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SDN Network

NetBrain seamlessly integrates your SDN infrastructure into the overall topology, effectively communicating with controllers to comprehend and decode traffic flows. Intents apply automation seamlessly across your SDN networks.


SD-WAN is one of the most common approaches to wide-area connectivity across complex arrangements of public carrier technologies. NetBrain understands this overlay software-defined structure and integrates those paths into its infrastructure model.

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