The Only No-Code Day-2 Network Automation Platform


NetBrain Next-Gen is the only No-Code Day-2 Network Automation platform that manages any hybrid multi-cloud and multi-vendor network by capturing, replicating, and enforcing network design intents to ease problem diagnosis and maintain ideal network conditions for the applications it supports. NetBrain reduces unplannned downtime, resolves reported and detected issues faster, protects the network from the unintended consequences of change, enforces network compliance that’s secure by design and meets every application’s unique needs to ensure the best performance.

What Makes NetBrain Different?

Traditional “Code-based” Approach
  • Applies to primarily fixed environments which can be specified precisely at the time of project commence – devices, connectivity, and application requirements identified
  • Focuses on device health and connectivity, not aware of any details of applications or service delivery required to support them
  • Rigid programming projects, with detailed functional specifications
  • Limited device-level abstraction; every vendor, model, and version must be treated separately and uniquely and code revised as device configurations are changed
  • Requires DevOps, SECops, WANops and DCOps engineers, and NetOps engineers to work together, long and costly development cycles, excessive costs, rigid deliverables
  • Challenges to scale since every situation, no matter how similar, must be programmed individually
  • Focuses on interactive usage, rather than responding to external events or prevention
  • Considered for only the biggest and most well-defined tasks that rarely changed
Intent-Based No-Code Approach
  • Applies to any hybrid multi-cloud, multi-vendor network
  • Based on full stack Digital Twin, including devices, connectivity, real-time traffic flows, and network intents
  • Captures subject matter expertise through no-code to create desired network behaviors, replicate behaviors across the network, and then leverage that knowledge before, during, and after issues are detected
  • Tackles all repetitive tasks throughout the lifespan of the infrastructure, from the smallest of tasks to the largest
  • Scales expertise to provide solution consistency and reduced overhead and escalations
  • Provides a robust change management platform to assure business services are preserved prior to making changes and after changes are complete, with roll-back as needed
  • Provides a comprehensive collaboration platform where resources can resolve an operational issue that spans organizational responsibility
  • Conserves engineering resources and reduces the staffing/skills needed for scale

Hear it from our Customers

NetBrain’s No-Code Network Automation platform accelerates ongoing Day-2 operations at scale. It provides broad and tangible cost and risk benefits over code-based approaches and increases the performance of the operational service delivery teams.

“I will recommend this product to network admins.”

— VP NETWORK SERVICES in the IT Services Industry

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NetBrain Enterprise Customer Logo
NetBrain Enterprise Customer Logo
NetBrain Enterprise Customer Logo

[NetBrain] will fundamentally change…how you
perceive your network works, the business it supports, and the value it delivers to the business.

Network Consultant, Logicalis

Troubleshooting without NetBrain is like troubleshooting in the dark.

Network Administrator, Thomson Reuters