Why NetBrain

Modernize Network Operations Through Automation

For over 15 years, thousands of customers have come to rely on NetBrain to transform their network operations from human-centric to automation-centric. NetBrain users are able to visualize and manage their entire infrastructure end-to-end to reduce service delivery outages, provide real-time documentation to identify structural issues, assist in adapting their networks, and most importantly, apply the expertise available in their subject matter experts to every operational task or challenge using no code. NetBrain redefines network automation, making it more intelligent, more available, and more responsive to supporting the business.

Introducing NetBrain Automation

NetBrain provides the industry’s only complete visual management solution that understands your hybrid network, end-to-end, and allows no-code automation to be applied to any network operations problem at scale. NetBrain was founded on three simple premises:

  • Any hybrid infrastructure can be modeled into a fully functional digital twin.
  • Anyone with the required problem-solving skills and subject matter expertise should be able to share knowledge, and utilize it across the organization at machine speed, all without code.
  • Intelligent automation can be applied to any hybrid network operational task, no matter how big or complex, and finally, in response to events, interactively, or proactively, minimize infrastructure-related service disruptions across the business.

NetBrain built the entire company around bringing automation to everyone. With NetBrain, customers can modernize their network operations by leveraging the industry’s most comprehensive, extensible, and infrastructure-aware automation platform.

Visually Manage Your Network End-to-End


Capture Your Subject Matter Expert’s Knowledge


Executing Knowledge at the Speed of the Machine


Automation of Everything in Network Operations


Value of NetBrain’s Automation

Automation for Any Network Operational Problem
Deployment of a management infrastructure that enables automation to be applied to any network operations problem while allowing for the creation of a single pane of glass that becomes the visual management and collaboration console.

Capturing the Knowledge of every Subject Matter Expert
The ability for anyone to create automation using our no-code approach, by capturing the knowledge and best practices available by SMEs. NetBrain enables this automation to be shared globally and problems to be worked collaboratively.

Define and Measure Your Own Automation Journey
A methodology that identifies key areas of operational maturity that can be measured and tested over time. This helps inform an organization’s progress in modernizing their operational processes and to realize the value of automation in their Network Operations.


Inside the NetBrain Platform

NetBrain invented three core foundational technologies which provide the basis for strategic network operations. These technologies were designed from the ground up to be extensible and scalable to allow hybrid infrastructures of any type or size to be addressed.

Dynamic Map

Advanced auto-discovery of every part of any hybrid network. NetBrain creates a digital twin of your entire network end-to-end for any hybrid infrastructure, including traditional networking components, software-defined technologies, and public clouds.

End-to-End Hybrid Visibility →
Executable Runbooks

Executable Runbooks provide an interactive workspace and enable highly advanced problem solving to be captured and shared. They are interactive with the data which is available and can take any type of action based on the workflows desired.

Automation for Everyone →
Intent-Based Automation

To continuously assure the intentions of the application and enterprise architects are respected as change ensues, Intent-Based Automation provides the intelligence to identify any network concern before it results in some type of larger production impact to the business.

Be Proactive →

Improve Your Network Maturity with NetBrain Automation

With NetBrain Automation, customers realized significant reductions in service disruptions, shorter outage durations and lower remediation costs. When applied to any organization’s service ticketing processes (which may number in the thousands of tickets per week), these organizations will immediately see dramatic reductions in remediation overhead and resource requirements.

Scaling Network Operations Through Automation

Critically important to strategic operational success, NetBrain Automation provides a 360-degree view of automation maturity from requirements to deployment and execution. Customers implementing NetBrain Automation will realize significant reductions in disruptions and costs. To demonstrate this value, NetBrain provides customers with the “Automation Maturity Index” for measuring success. By providing this foundation for effective visualization, planning, remediation, and proactive management of network operations, NetBrain Automation empowers users to simply perform better.

How do you rate your network maturity?

NetBrain Automation provides the essential foundation for effective visualization, planning, remediation, and proactive management.