Network infrastructures are growing faster than skilled network operations staff with deep experience can be hired, and these hybrid networks are becoming more complicated as business become more distributed and cloud migrations accelerate. Traditionally, network operations would simply add more technical staff – double the network size, double the number of operators. And each operator had various device-specific skills. But today, this network device-level approach doesn’t scale, and subject matter experts are harder to attract and retain. There must be a smarter way to operate hybrid cloud-cnnected networks based upon the actual business outcomes desired, and which can leverage the shared experiences of your subject matter experts.

No-Code Network Automation

NetBrain’s No-Code Network Automation System creates a digital twin of the network which includes everything from topology and devices, to the specific business application requirements of the network and then uses this model to enable no-code network automation.  By applying NetBrain’s network automation technology, more than 95% of all network service tickets can be addressed at scale, and in addition more than half of all network issues can be detected and corrected before they ever affect production. This reduces MTTR dramatically, increases uptime, and lowers operational costs.

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Scale Service Ticket Operations

NetBrain integrates with ITSM and other network management systems to automatically begin diagnostics for incidents immediately upon ticket creation, dramatically reducing MTTR.

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Operate Through Intents

NetBrain applies design intents as a management proxy for device configuration, and enforces design intents to maintain compliance and performance goals.

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Visualize Hybrid Network

NetBrain auto-discovers any hybrid network, from edge to cloud, and creates a precise digital twin to enable intent-based automation across the entire network.

What Makes NetBrain Different?

NetBrain’s fourth-generation No-Code Network Automation System is the industry’s only smart network automation & visibility platform for managing every hybrid network from the top-down using network design intents. While other solutions force users to interact with every network device, NetBrain describes and manages a set of network design intents. Today, over 2,500 of the world’s largest enterprises and MSPs use NetBrain.

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NetBrain Enterprise Customer Logo
NetBrain Enterprise Customer Logo
NetBrain Enterprise Customer Logo

[NetBrain] will fundamentally change…how you
perceive your network works and the value it
should be delivered back to the business.

Network Consultant, Logicalis

Troubleshooting without NetBrain is like troubleshooting in the dark.

Network Administrator, Thomson Reuters

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