NetBrain helps Managed Service Providers differentiate with more resilient service delivery with intelligent Network Automation for Day-2 Operations. Proven differentiation is more defendable, reduces unplanned downtime, and lowers the costs to service your clients. That’s tangible.

NetBrain is that “tangible”. Ensure your network is Powered by NetBrain.

The NetBrain Advantage for MSPs

The “Powered by NetBrain” program enables your organization to:

Differentiate your managed service offerings by leveraging NetBrain’s intent-based network automation technology. Your customers will simply see higher service delivery performance and rely less on SLA penalty negotiations. And with our self-service access, your customers will have instant access to details about their own critical infrastructure.

Win more managed service bids by offering your customers higher availability, made possible by NetBrain’s ability to reduce MTTR associated with unplanned incidents, and by addressing the majority of network problems before they impact production. Simply put, your client’s will receive better IT services with fewer and shorter disruptions.

Reduce your service delivery costs by shortening the duration of every incident. NetBrain enables this by automating problem diagnosis of repetitive problems, manual tasks, policy verification, proactive security enforcement, proactive monitoring of configuration drift, and hybrid cloud service visibility, saving hundreds or thousands of hours per year.

Drive customer satisfaction by deploying NetBrain’s intent-based automation platform, which allows proactive and automated problem diagnosis. This shifts the discussions from remediation and penalties, to those of business expansion and strategic optimizations. And your clients customers can use NetBrain’s self-service access to better understand current conditions as part of their business planning with you.

Increase contract profitability while staying in alignment with customer transformations resulting in lower delivery costs, higher utilization of your precious subject matter experts and fewer SLA penalties.

Your Bottom Line is Our Bottom Line

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NetBrain is transforming the business of managed network services by leveraging its Network Intent technology. This technology understands the qualities of network connectivity based on the applications that reside in the hybrid network and ensures it continues to deliver those qualities. NetBrain is THE trusted name in network automation for Day-2 operations powering the largest hybrid networks in the world. Your clients see better-managed service delivery performance and your cost to deliver those services is lower.

What Makes NetBrain Different?

NetBrain powers the largest Fortune 500 enterprise and managed service provider networks

  • We’re more than just network mapping, NetBrain is the trailblazer in Day-2 intent-based network automation
  • Built on years of innovation including no-code automation, change management, auto-discovery and digital twin, dynamic mapping, path flows, and much more, across hybrid and multi-cloud networks at scale
  • Integrations with ServiceNow, Splunk, and all of your ITSM service-desk workflows for post-monitoring troubleshooting
  • Our continuously expanding Automation Library of pre-built network automation units delivers years of collective problem-solving knowledge that you can use right away
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