Adopted by many of the world’s most recognized names in financial services, NetBrain directly aligns the application needs of the business with the way the network operates.  NetBrain’s network automation technology effectively reduces the number of infrastructure incidents that occur, reduces the duration of service outages, and continuously verifies your security controls are in place and effective, thereby lowering the cost and risks associated with delivering financial services at scale. Commit to modernizing network operations with a no-code intent-based automation platform to help your financial institution thrive in the era of skill shortages.

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Mitigate Service Degradations

Financial services are built upon digital infrastructures, so proactively enforcing the health of these  assures high-performance application service delivery in the backend as well as the retail sides of the business.

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Prioritize Service Delivery

Shift the focus from devices level management to application service quality, achieve a highly-performant network.

Reduce Incident Durations

Troubleshoot visually across operations teams with map-driven contextual diagnostics to reduce incident frequency and severity.

Transform Reactive to Proactive

Spend less time fixing and more time innovating. Proactively check network service delivery against accepted baseline configurations to respond faster.

Pursue Change Management with Confidence

Replace tight change windows with limited predictability in favor of protected change management with intent-based automation. Use automation to verify network changes don’t overwrite other working network services.

Minimize Configuration Drift

Validate network Intents when making changes to improve the change success rate and reduce the error rate.

Maintain Network Fidelity

Protect applications on the network during change management processes. Ensure changes don’t overwrite other changes.

Rollback Unexpected Results

If a change goes wrong, quickly rollback to any previous state to prevent outages and downtime.

Assure Network and Security Compliance Automatically

Adhere to original application design network requirements with a deep understanding and continuous verification of the hybrid network for accuracy, security, and compliance, always.

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Enforce Security Policies

Automate continuous security policy and zone enforcement by validating network intents against baseline security policies.

Automate Design Compliance

Maintain compliance for network configuration, security design standards, and regulatory compliance.

Quickly Identify Threats

Locate network devices quickly in case of alert from a SIEM tool about a potential breach so you can harden the network and prevent further infiltration.

Be Better Informed with Cloud Visibility

With financial services workloads in distributed environments, a single source of truth across operations teams can accelerate troubleshooting and foster collaboration.

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Create a Single Source of Truth

Gain complete understanding of a hybrid-cloud environment to empower collaboration and eliminate siloed operations teams with interdependencies.

Edge-to-Cloud Visibility

Speed diagnosis with device, connectivity, performance and security visibility across cloud, virtual, software-defined, and traditional networks.

Get Real-Time Diagnostics

View and export dynamic network maps and detailed documentation anytime and always be prepared for audits.