No-Code Network Intents populate and expand your Automation Library, supporting a wide range of devices and integrating seamlessly across your NetBrain Next-Gen platform to ensure your intended operational behaviors are met through real-time assessment and diagnosis.

  • Real-Time Assessment: Continually assess any network component to verify specific operating conditions or status.
  • Expert Diagnosis: Codify and automate the diagnostic steps taken by your network experts during troubleshooting, change, and assessments.
  • Human-Level Logic: Apply logic to real-time, historical, and baseline network conditions to determine the success or failure of your intended outcomes.
  • Extensible Library: Contribute to and expand your centralized and shareable Automation Library.
  • Scalable Automation: Replicate and reuse throughout the NetBrain platform and across your network for preventing outages, faster troubleshooting, and safer network changes.
  • Broad Device Support: Supports any traditional or virtual device from any vendor through its native command interface.
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Top Network Intents from Users

The Network Intents below are just a few of the top reported uses of NetBrain No-Code Automation applied to real-world customer infrastructures.

Topic Challenge Solution
Compliance Validation for AWS EC2 Instances Time-consuming to manually track EC2 instance configuration details. Intents continuously assess each operating parameter across all instances.
Native VLAN Compliance Check Identify trunk ports with non-compliant native VLANs on a regular basis. Intents verify the configuration of trunk ports to detect non-compliant VLANs enabled.
# Days Since Interface Down Manually identifying ALL/ANY inactive physical ports for service provisioning. Intents assess the number of days since interfaces had active status.
Administrator password access compliance Manually identifying device access security across the network. Intents assess devices with password access violations across the entire network.
Proactive CISCO ACI Performance & Service Assurance Widescale deployments of Cisco ACI include thousands of operating parameters that should be verified. Intents assess the amount of available CPU and memory for the entire fabric.
Monitoring Transient OSPF Neighbor Flaps Using Log Analysis Limited ability to detect transient flapping at scale due to size and complexity. Intents continuously assess OSPF neighbor state changes over time
Failover and resiliency validation Difficult to verify the entire failover architecture until it is too late Intents assess availability and performance for all resiliency pathways; active and backup