NetBrain integrations allow organizations to automate more IT workflows, not just individual tasks. Work with the most popular tools on the market or build custom integrations with your specific toolset, even homegrown solutions!

Integrate with Major Vendors for Deep Observability

  • Integration with monitoring tools or ITSM and NMS tools like ServiceNow, BMC, or Jira.
  • Provides deep observability and enables network diagnostics based on tickets. Pulls real-time telemetry data from third-party tools via API and visualizes right on the map.
  • Supports auto-updating of tickets including auto-open/auto-close.
  • Triggers event-driven troubleshooting automation when responding to incidents automatically.
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NetBrain supporting content image

Build Your Own Custom Integrations

Create brand new custom NetBrain integrations with lesser-known solutions or your homegrown applications using NetBrain’s REST API and webhook capabilities. Pull critical data on your network from services like Cisco SNTC. Trigger automation northbound, southbound, or east/west. Query NetBrain from third-party tools and vice-versa. Even incorporate AIOps.