Continuously Assess Your Network’s Health

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Network health is everything for connected businesses and that health directly affects the success of the business. Yet with the scope and scale of modern infrastructure and its cloud components, it is daunting to understand the basic question, “Is my network OK?”. There are simply so many facets to health. In this session, we will demonstrate NetBrain’s No-Code Network Automation platform and its continuous assessment technology can answer that question in real-time, without requiring any form of software development.


Testing the Boundaries – Continuous Network Security Assessment

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A comprehensive network security architecture must not only be well conceived but must be continuously tested to ensure that the design goals are always being met. Vendor vulnerability compliance, device configurations, protocols allowed, port access and a litany of other design elements must be checked to ensure that what is expected is in force. In this demo, we will show the importance of continuous assessment of these conditions for protecting sensitive data, maintaining operational integrity, and safeguarding your organization’s reputation and future.


Assuring Critical Applications are Being Delivered as Expected  

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Every application has a set of network requirements to assure it is delivered as designed. The performance of the application is directly related to the network’s ability to support those needs continuously. And since the network is a shared resource, it is important to know that each set of requirements is being met, after changes have been made. This demo explores creating those sets of requirements so that they can be continuously assessed.


Streamline Lifecycle Management and Avoid End-of-Life/Service Issues

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Knowing the current support and warranty status of your infrastructure components can reduce your risk and save you time and money. Older devices fail more often, and recurring warranty contracts are filled with devices that have been retired long ago. In this demonstration, we will show you how to continuously profile your network’s lifespan and stay ahead of critical hardware decisions about end-of-life, maintenance renewals, service contracts, and extending warranty coverage.


Fast-Track Cloud Network Service Delivery Management

April 25

Many enterprises have assumed that cloud providers and their SLA terms eliminated the need for them to manage the specifics of how their cloud-based services are being delivered. However, over the last few years of highly publicized cloud outages and service disruptions, it has become clear that enterprises need to extend their management umbrella to include the cloud as well. Many of the same attributes found in traditional infrastructure exist as virtualized components in your cloud infrastructure and include bandwidth, connectivity, and delivery performance. In this webinar, we will demonstrate the means to understand hybrid network infrastructures and assess their service delivery health.


Accelerate Service Ticket Troubleshooting

May 9

Many organizations juggle thousands of network service desk tickets each month, overwhelming their team’s ability to prioritize and resolve issues quickly. Ironically, more than half of all reported problems are transient and resolve themselves, yet service engineers must still work through the labor-intensive process of ensuring the problem is no longer present. In this webinar, we will demonstrate the power of our no-code automation with its ability to close tickets that no longer require attention and conduct extensive diagnostics for remaining problems – enabling the service engineers to be well utilized for this smaller number of tickets.


Harness Past Insights for Rapid Outage Prevention Automation

May 23

The cause of your recent network outage or disruption will be seen elsewhere in your network, not in the future. Building up a library of all the previously seen problems and then proactively searching for similar conditions, greatly reduces outages. This demonstration of our continuous network assessment of previous outages will enable you to identify hidden vulnerabilities, prevent future outages, and boost network resilience.


Quickly Identify Network Capacity and Service Delivery Issues

June 6

The network is a shared resource that must be well understood for delivering applications and services. In this demonstration, we will show you how to avoid bandwidth over-utilization and under-utilization of network resources that could lead to congestion, latency, packet loss, wasted resources, and inefficient network operations. We will show our continuous assessment dashboard technology in action, to ensure that the network infrastructure can support new applications and evolving business requirements.


Understand the Impact of Network Changes Instantly 

June 20

Continuous change assessment can help you quickly identify potential network problems and offer guidance into the current network capabilities. In this demonstration, we will show you how to establish known baselines, incrementally update accepted change processes, and quickly identify accidental or unintentional changes. Identifying where and when changes have occurred leads to better support of your service delivery goals.


Expedite Configuration Drift Prevention to Minimize Impact

July 11

Network configurations drift for many reasons. Due to time pressures, maintenance windows, and unforeseen faults, networks undergo many changes that may degrade their ability to deliver critical IT services. In this demo, we will show how to apply no-code network automation to continuously assess the status of the network, along with all its expected configuration details to quickly identify deviations which can then be corrected before product services are impacted.