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Prevent Outages

Automation in Minutes: Top-10 Assessments to Prevent Outages

Downtime is expensive. More than half (54%) of the respondents to the 2023 Uptime Institute data center survey say their most recent significant, serious, or severe outage cost more than...

Automated Diagnosis

Best Practices for Automating the Troubleshooting Workflow in Multi-Vendor Network Environments

Let’s face it – manually troubleshooting hybrid networks is painful and time-consuming. Every problem is addressed as if the problem has never occurred previously and various network engineers apply different...

Network Assessment

EU’s DORA: Let NetBrain Power Your Compliance Plan

In November of 2022, the European Union adopted the Digital Operations Resilience Act or DORA, a set of all-encompassing digital finance regulations aimed at strengthening the financial industry’s resilience to...

Network Assessment

The Top-10 Reasons To Deploy Continuous Network Assessment

Network assessment has always been a hot topic. At first glance, it sounds amazing. It provides insight into what you have and how it operates. The assessment idea is simple:...

Enforcing Network Security

Identifying Vulnerabilities through No-Code Network Automation

Network security is a critical exercise in continuous vigilance. Threats evolve and new vulnerabilities are discovered every day. Case in point, on October 16th, 2023, Cisco revealed the existence of...

Company News

The Economics of Inefficiency

In every digital connected business, managed service provider, and governmental agency, IT professionals typically focus on the specific technologies that are being put in place and the amazing innovation possible...

Network Operations

Cisco SmartNet Renewals and “Spreadsheet Hell”

About a year ago, I was a member of the Advanced Networking team at a regional ISP (Internet service provider)—a glamorous name for an elite strike force of networking rock...

Network Assessment

Finally, You can have Continuous Network Assessment!

For many of us IT professionals, we have spent our entire lives thinking about what it takes to deliver IT services in a reliable, predictable fashion. Sometimes it’s a tech...

Network Operations

NetBrain Recognized in 5 New Gartner Hype Cycles

What’s all the hype about hype cycles? According to Gartner, Gartner Hype Cycles provide insight into the maturity, adoption, and business impact of emerging tech and innovations.