Automating Security & Compliance

Defend Your Network Before, During and After an Attack

Capturing critical forensic data as soon as a threat is detected and ensuring that engineers have complete visibility across the enterprise is a must when security incidents strike. NetBrain automation starts this process the moment a threat is detected by your IT monitors, enabling the capture of valuable data at the moment it occurs. NetBrain can also pro-actively validate for normal operating conditions are in effect, and notify you if security conditions change.

NetBrain allows you to create automated processes in advance which you can then trigger at a moment’s notice when a security situation occurs. With NetBrain’s automation capabilities, hundreds or thousands of configuration changes can be pre-defined and executed in seconds to secure and stabilize the infrastructure, allowing time for teams to calmly address the root security issues. Once resolved, the isolation can also be quickly reversed to restore normal operations.

Instant Response, Automatically

As soon as your security monitors or other SIEM and IDS systems perceive a threat and before any operations team has even gotten involved, NetBrain automation dynamically maps out the attack path of potentially malicious traffic, including all of the context and historical configuration changes that may have occured. NetBrain allows you to immediately visualize infrastructure changes and where malware has been involved to identify all impacted devices, services and application dependencies – in seconds.

01 Capture the crime scene as it’s happening

Forensics in Real-Time

NetBrain’s event-triggered automation executes a series of predefined diagnostics and other actions for triage. The automation in the form of an executable runbook captures infrastructure characteristics and performance observations at the time of the security incident to streamline remediation and prevent future occurences.

02 Automate initial forensics in real time

Identifying True Threats

NetBrain’s Dynamic Maps form a visual management console for your entire end-to-end network, with all available third-party data presented in context. By having this comprehensive view at-a-glance when a security alert is created, you can easily see the severity of the issue at hand, along with the impact it is having across the entire hybrid network. Through this deep visulization, NetBrain allows you to avoid wasting time investigating nuisance or other information-only types of alerts.

03 Separate false positives from real threats

Isolate and Mitigate Attacks

NetBrain automation enables your organization’s best practices, experience and subject matter expertise to be shared and then executed at the speed of the machine… two essential characteristics needed when responding to time-sensitive security incidents. Identify in seconds where you need to shunt traffic, disable ports, or update policies to quickly stop attacker traffic. Use NetBrain Change Management to push mitigation changes quickly and safely. And once the security issue is resolved, easily restore normal operations using additional executable runbook automation.

04 Separate false positives from real threats

Continuous Observation

By continuously checking the configurations of each of your network components and confirming the ability for all of them to deliver the design intentions of your software architects, security issues can be identified before they affect production. NetBrain automation enables continuous observation of the network intents and configuration details of your entire network. NetBrain’s Intent-Based Automation coupled with our adaptive monitoring technology identifies configuration drift and compliance issues (often associated with security incidents) from impacting business objectives. Avoid these issues by automating regularly scheduled security checks across the entire network.

05 Improve Network Defense with Every Event