NetBrain provides three different methods for integrating with third-party IT networks and service management systems.

  1. NetBrain provides a purpose-built connector for popular third-party ITSM ticketing systems (Such as ServiceNow and BMC Remedy) which triggers NetBrain TAF to begin the diagnostics needed to address any external network event. This is typically in response to the creation of a network service ticket or an alert from a network monitoring application.
  2. NetBrain provides an email-based inquiry engine that responds in real-time to requests for problem diagnostics. A simple formatted email is sent to the NetBrain inquiry bot, which in turn responds with the URL of a dynamically created unique diagnostic portal, which includes the topology map and the results of a set of diagnostics that have already been intelligently selected and immediately conducted by NetBrain.
  3. NetBrain provides a purpose-built data access connector (for applications such as Splunk, SolarWinds, and Datadog) to enhance NetBrain’s own advanced data model, thereby incorporating the additional data from these third-party network monitoring sources. By doing so, the NetBrain visual console provides a comprehensive single-panel-of-glass with contextual data from multiple IT systems.

This seamless integration allows NetBrain to act as a single pane of glass and becomes the single source of truth to accelerate automation and help reduce errors associated with missing information or operators you are less informed. All of this contributes to lower MTTR and the associated lower costs, increased consistency and reduced risk associated with longer outages.

ITSM Workflow

NetBrain Next-Gen TAF allows instantaneous response to ITSM service events, typically long before operators and engineers get involved. NetBrain TAF shifts the operational paradigm from human-centric to automation-centric while further reducing MTTR and providing significant savings at scale.

NetBrain provides out-of-the-box integration with ServiceNow and other popular ITSM solutions, via purpose-built connectors or its email inquiry bot, to trigger NetBrain Network Intent Cluster to create NetBrain incidents which contains a map of the topology involved and the results of its intelligently selected set of diagnostics. The results are returned to the calling ITSM ticketing system, or to the email requestor. The resulting message includes a unique incident portal URL which can be used in collaboration to furthar resolve the issue.

Monitoring Tools

You can integrate NetBrain with 24×7 monitoring solutions such as Solar Winds and Splunk to provide visual documentation and a dynamic map of the vacinity of any calling event.

This seamless integration and visual representation of the problem area accelerates troubleshooting by acting as a single pane of glass.

RedHat Ansible Integration

RedHat Ansible is a popular provisioning, orchestration, and application deployment tool used commonly for provisioning and reconfiguration of server, storage and network devices. NetBrain has native support for Redhat Ansible and acts to extend its reach. Users can leverage the Runbook Ansible Task node to define and execute an Ansible playbook, perform dry runs of the procedure and record the execution results. Most Ansible users will use SCM (Source Code Management) systems, such as Git, to manage and sync with existing playbooks with the password or token authentication.

Data Analysis and AIOps

You can integrate NetBrain with data analysis and AIOps tools to enable a NetBrain user to easily present and search data from these tools, providing a more comprehensive view of problem areas.