Enterprises know they must leverage machine efficiency in their network operations, but digitizing and automating traditionally human tasks at a large scale often seems like an insurmountable hurdle. NetBrain’s no-code Network Automation Frameworks simplify the translation of human intelligence and capabilities into actionable and executable automation units, captured as Network Intents, without the need for any coding or scripting. Through the proactive enforcement of Network Intents, NetBrain Next-Gen prevents outages and service disruptions, accelerates root-cause analysis when issues do occur, and multiplies the effectiveness of your NetOps teams’ troubleshooting.

Preventive Automation Framework

More than half of all network outages are due to human error, misconfiguration, or the unintended consequences of network changes. Understanding the unique requirements of every application on the network, NetBrain no-code Network Intents enforce the contextual parameters needed across the hybrid network to support the business, its applications, and network services.

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Capture, Replicate, Enforce

Intents are the advanced no-code engines that capture subject-matter expertise for any type of problem. Replicate Intents across the network and run continuously to enforce network performance.

Prevent Outages

Prevent network outages and disruptions by resolving issues before they become problems. Leverage Intents to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and always ensure network service delivery.

Design Compliance

Guard against configuration drift and network changes that go against the original design Intent of the network. Intents digitize your organizational standards and security policies and continuously evaluates the network for their implementation.

Triggered Automation Framework

95% of all network problems are repetitive. Most tickets prompt engineers to execute nearly identical sets of initial troubleshooting steps over and over. Automating repetitive manual tasks with no-code Network Intents accelerates root-cause diagnosis and speeds up resolution times. Trigger problem diagnosis automation at the time of the incident to expedite response times and reduce service ticket durations by at least 50%.

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Respond Immediately

Integrate with ITSM or monitoring tools like ServiceNow, BMC, Splunk, or Thousand Eyes via REST API to automatically trigger diagnosis even before your support teams have had a chance to react.

Enhance Data Gathering

The first step in troubleshooting is fact-finding. NetBrain automatically gathers all the needed data across traditional, SDN or cloud and maps it for the initial problem diagnosis saving precious time during disruptions.

Empower Self-Service

Allow support teams to launch existing automation on demand directly from a map via Map and Path Intents or empower anyone, even non-technical teams, to self-service with our intuitive, web-based chatbot.

Interactive Automation Framework

Diagnose and perform network and troubleshooting tasks interactively with NetBrain. Leverage automation on demand or create new no-code automation on the fly. When your subject-matter experts need to troubleshoot any issue, NetBrain Next-Gen’s powerful interactive automation platform ensures your experts spend their time resolving issues rather than running mundane preliminary steps. Intelligently record new diagnostic steps as experts work to create new automation anyone can leverage moving forward.

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Speed Troubleshooting

Pair subject matter experts with machine speed to drastically improve incidence response. Take advantage of automation that probes and diagnoses dozens, even hundreds, of business requirements at a time.

Increase Collaboration

Troubleshoot collaboratively and eliminate messy hand-offs and escalations with our Incident Portal. Leverage the expertise of your subject matter experts—captured as Intents—and always have it available even when the expert is not!

Scale Intent-Based Automation

No network is static. Update Intents, Triggered Automation, and Preventive Automations automatically while actively engaging in problem diagnosis to continually advance automation efficiently at scale.