Diagnose and perform individual tasks interactively with NetBrain. When your subject-matter experts need to take the wheel and troubleshoot any issue, NetBrain provides the industry’s most powerful management platform, based on network intents. Finally your experts can spend their time resolving issues rather than running mundane preliminary steps. NetBrain’s interactive console provides dynamic real-time mapping technology, bi-directional real-time path and path intent verifications, and a wide range of Network Intent automations at their fingertips. And as these experts conduct their work, NetBrain intelligently records their diagnostic steps to create a new automation for the library which can be shared by anyone.

Troubleshooting with Automation

Pair subject matter experts with machine speed to drastically improve incidence response. Troubleshoot thousands of services from one place, taking advantage of automation that can probe and diagnose dozens, or even hundreds, of busiess requirements at a time.

Proactive Network Troubleshooting >

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Accelerate Problem Diagnosis

Dynamically map network problem areas in seconds and get real-time information about state, topology, and real-time diagnostic condition immediately.

Diagnose Intent Visually

NetBrain provides a real-time visual representation of Network Intents and the devices that are involved, along with operational and dignostic status At-A-Glance.

Design Verification

Use intent-based automation to identify potential conflicts when making network design changes, based on the resulting ability to preserve all of the network intents.

Increase Collaboration and Grow Institutional Knowledge

Leverage the knowledge of your subject matter experts—captured as executable automation—for peers to use for their own future troubleshooting with a repository of institutional knowledge. Expertise is always available even when the expert is not!

Collaborative Network Operations >

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Capture Diagnostic Steps

Visually record step-by-step troubleshooting and codify SME knowledge as reusable Runbooks, Data Views, or Intents and share them across the organization.

Collaborative Troubleshooting

Allow your experts across tiers and disciplines—NetOps, SecOps, DevOps—to problem-solve collaboratively in the Incident Portal and eliminate hand-offs and escalations.

Digitize Expert Knowledge

Automatically store maps, Runbooks, and Network Intents generated during incidents to codify troubleshooting workflows.

Continuously Expand Automation

No network is static. An automation platform must evolve with the network. Update Intents, Triggered Automations, and Preventive Automations automatically while actively engaging in problem diagnosis to continually advance automation efficiently at scale.

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Scale Intent-based Automation

Clone Network Intents for any similar incident and propagate them as no-code templates across the global network infrastructure immediately across the hybrid network.

Customizable Intent Library

Augment your Intent Library with every incident response and every network change automatically. The NetBrain Intent Library learns and grows with you.

Become More Proactive

Capture lessons learned as proactive Intent for network assessments. Interactive Automation feeds the intelligence for Triggered and Preventive Automation.