NetBrain, founded in 2004, provides a platform for network automation and visibility that simplifies hybrid network management for operators and engineers. Its top-down approach establishes and maintains business intents, transforming every network aspect into a digital twin that understands component intentions. This allows engineers and operators to maintain network integrity by managing intended results. Over 2,500 large enterprises and managed service providers use NetBrain to simplify management tasks, reduce MTTRs, ensure compliance, and understand network support for business requirements.

NetBrain is headquartered in Massachusetts, US with employees in the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, India, and China.

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NetBrain Enterprise Customer Logo
NetBrain Enterprise Customer Logo
NetBrain Enterprise Customer Logo

What We Do

NetBrain Next-Gen is the industry’s only intent-based network automation and visibility platform that accelerates the remediation of every service task or ticket while significantly reducing the operational overhead associated with managing edge-to-cloud hybrid networks. By managing networks from the top down, looking at results achieved rather than individual device details, and by tightly integrating with major ITSM systems, NetBrain automates more than 95% of all network tickets, and our intent-based enforcement also prevents more than 50% of all network problems before they impact production.

Our Culture

Innovation. Our teams are ecouraged to constantly innovate, across all functions of the company. These innovative approaches allow us to thrill customers everyday.

Collaboration. From customers to employees, eliminating obstacles and encouraging our teams to working together to achieve common goals is a core tenet at NetBrain.

Customer Centricity. Everything we do is aimed at helping customers be successful by thinking differently. Our flexible approaches support customers as they need.


NetBrain’s leadership team is comprised of executives representing decades of cross-functional leadership experience across multiple industries, spanning entrepreneurial startups to large established enterprises. Read more about the expertise each executive and board member brings to NetBrain in their biographies.

Enabling hybrid networks to be managed from the top-down, the way business thinks.

Lingping Gao
Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

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Hear What People are Saying

“I am thrilled with the welcome I received from this company! Amazing team that motivates me every day! Changing jobs can be daunting at any time, but during a pandemic, even more so. The care that was taken to ensure that I had everything I needed on day one was incredible. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!”

– Anonymous Employee